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Thread: Should increase the attacks on New Update!

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    Exclamation Should increase the attacks on New Update!

    Hello Team SuperCell,iam player since big time.

    Well,i think should get attacks more available for day.

    Just 8 attacks is very small. Should be min 15 attacks for day.

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    There's already a huge discussion of this going on in the stickie thread at the top of the general page.
    SC will monitor the activity at legends league when the update is released.
    They may experiment around with the number of attacks. The first season will be 8 attacks a day.
    2nd season might be 10; 3rd season, 9; 4th season 12; etc. so forth and so on, until SC finds/decides upon a happy medium.
    Remember, they did this when clan games were first introduced and settled into 50,000 pts for top tier with an individual point cap of 4,000.
    They didn't decide that on accident. Rather, they experimented with it, tracked the data, discussed the data, etc., until they decided upon the happy medium.
    I would expect the same with obs: track the data, experiment around with it, discuss, etc.

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    So minimum should require gem or potion usage or being able to attack every hour for 15 hours a day. Seems a bit excesive.
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    Wait for the update let's see what they are up to then ask them to do changes
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