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Thread: Best armies to farm DE at TH10?

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    Best armies to farm DE at TH10?

    What are the best armies at TH10 to farm Dark Elixir? What armies are best at getting to the storage easily, and the drills?

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    Iíve farmed in champ since I became TH10, and honestly I donít know what to do with dark, because thereís loads of it up there - and the bonus is awesome.

    Your choice - do you want to farm dead bases which can turn boring, or you want to learn something on the way and get nice bonus for each attack, without the need to care about army composition.

    Whichever suits you more

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    Just wanted to echo the sentiment. Miners are the alpha for farming de at th10. They can be used as partial armies and spell free to pick collectors or can be a heavy hitter. bring a poi and an xtra one in the cc to deal with defensive troops (loons especially), skele traps if the cc is empty.

    If you are not purposely keeping your trophies in the void between crystal and master(loaded with dead 10s) then you will naturally path into champs, its a cakewalk getting to champs with miners if you havent picked up the gems yet I highly suggest it.

    Transitioning from th9 to th10, i used qw+giwipe but switched to mass gob for the initial elixir investment into lab(miners lvl 3 asap), camps, and barracks

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