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    Titan League

    New Legend League sneak peek is amazing, unfortunately it's only for Legend league players.
    Do they actually we're suffering to get to 5000 cups?
    I literally stopped pushing to Legends because of the obvious clouds. The update rejuvenates me to start pushing back.
    But then i have to pass through that "Obvious" clouds to get to Legends before i reach the promised land.
    So basically, Legend League is STILL going to favour those that spend a lot of time on their various devices.

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    Clouds aren’t that bad in titans, come on up. Of course it’ll be easier to get there if you have time to do 6 attacks a day rather that 2, but the outcome is the get there.

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    Titan clouds might get better. Might get worse. Might fluctuate. Maybe we should wait and see.
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    Personally I think clouds will improve in Titans because Titans won't be competing with Legends to find those bases, but we will have to wait and see.

    If there are literally no clouds in Titans it might be better for loot than Legends (for TH12s who prefer picking on TH11s!)
    Again will be a case of wait and see, we can't really know yet.

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    Wait and see how it pans out. Remember that in the current system, lower Legends were paired with higher Titans. That is, Legends was competing for bases in an overlapping pool. Now, Legends will be a separated entity with its own pool. So with less players competing for an available Titans base, clouding may indeed be reduced there. All we can do is wait and see if there will be any noticeable impact or not.

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    Personally I think this is one of the most difficult things to predict, as player behavior will be difficult to predict.
    If there are suddenly mass migrations going on between different leagues then it migh go both ways.

    What do we know currently ?
    In the current game it’s pretty well known that you need to be at least Titan 2 to be able to reliably find a Titan to slay within a reasonable amount of time when you’re doing that particular clan game challenge. Titan 3 players have quite a bit of difficulty getting matched with other titans.

    I’ve been calling the 4400-4500 range home for years now and from my personal experience I get matched down quite a bit and see a lot of high champion league players in my search queue. Sometimes I find titan 3 players. Titan 2&1 is pretty rare and every once in a while I find a legend leaguer. On the defense side, by far most of my defenses come from (lowish) legend league players.
    Now in the new situation I won’t be getting shielded by legends so often anymore so I’m much more available for other titans.

    One thing we also know for sure is that shortly after an update activity usually increases a huge amount so it’s quite possible clouds could be there or worse then normal so it will take a bit for the game to settle in the “normal” state.

    All that being said, I’m quite sure SC will be closely monitoring the data and effects of these changes. And if needed adjustments could be made. Just to name an example they could possibly reduce shields a little. Maybe even get rid of the 14 hour shield or something like that,
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    I am thinking move to legend too. But it is a waste of loot since it is overflow. Maybe wait for new update before I do my attacks again.

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    I forgot...
    Residing in the 47-4800 for at least 2 years, but not much active anymore:
    - most of my defenses come from low Legends, from the 51-5300 range. Rare Titans attack me. One off champ finding me.
    - I attack mostly Titan1, in the range 42-4400, with the rare offers above, all the way to one off 5300s for 50+ cups.
    In the last 6 months, irrelevant of clouds (from 1 minute to 15 at worst), I have nexted until I found enough loot to feed my armies, without counting the bonus.
    - Since I am at a ‘forced defense’ pace these days, aka 1 attack/defense, I do not need to drop cups regularly; yet I never take the 3-star and cut the attack early, as soon as 70% are achieved. When I was farming (~3-5 attacks/day), each months after updates, I’d have to drop a few hundred cups every few days to stay below legend league.

    From past experience to drop/push below legends, there are ‘cliffs’/‘dips’ of low progression below each #3 league (Titan3 around 3950-4100, Champ3 around 3-3200) where offers are low in cups, and their content in poor. I assume these offers relate to bases about 6-800 cups below, which are the top of the previous league (Champ and master resp.), where few reside, being more a transient space.

    It appears the same currently when one gets closer to 4850-4900 and offers relative to cups appear lower, not withstanding the cloud accumulating. With the new LL, and the bases above a player disappearing, the defenses should get harder in terms of cups lost (as attackers will be at lower trophy level instead of above mostly), but also attackers should get as few equivalent as today (ie low cup offers). So overall I expect progression to be slowed down near Legend, in the 4900+ area.

    High titan may become as bad as highest legend: nobody above them : low offers, whale in defense. Only clouding length/duration may differ, but not a good spot to be in... especially after dropping out of LL...

    Clouding in high Titans will essentially depend on the T1 behavior: active or not.
    Maybe even the crystal ‘graveyard’ may move a bit due to the high champ-low titan effect of the Legend cut-off.
    Something to check, and experience by year end, once things stabilize a bit...

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    tons of players will drop to t1 due to the fact that few can do 8 attacks per day...

    more cloud is expected

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    Quote Originally Posted by youwire View Post
    tons of players will drop to t1 due to the fact that few can do 8 attacks per day...

    more cloud is expected
    Since the pools will be populated with players in the same cup range, if there are tons of people who can't do 8 attacks a day, would reasoning not suggest they will not get attacked 8 times a day and will just populate the lower portion of LL?

    same with CWL, the clans with 15 person rosters in gold 3, meet other cans that only 30-40% of the accounts attack. the less active ledgend players will just be in a cup range of other similar accounts.
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