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Thread: Builder Hall 9 Upgrade Guide

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    Quote Originally Posted by RagnarFurias View Post
    What is the meta right now? Show I max minion-drop, or invest in hog gliders instead? What are top players using?
    Max your primary attack strategy. If that’s Minion Drops for you (like it is for me) then that would be the way to go. Honestly - anything goes right now. I would hold off on Hogs though - that will be a LONG upgrade. I won’t start them for another couple weeks unless we have a BuilderFest.
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    I'm ignoring other troops at the moment and working on hogs. They are currently going to 6 or 7. Want to get them to 16, then start working on other troops, possibly.
    Of course, I'm the odd one going against the grain here and marching to my own beat.
    To each their own. There isn't a right or wrong way here..all depends on your goals.
    Me personally? I want to use hogs as fast as I can, hence I'm focused on upgrading them first.

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    I'm upgrading my barracks on both of my accounts right now (and level 4 lava launchers). I figure that I have 5 and 8 power potions left on the two accounts so I'll try max hogs for the next 5 of my attack sessions (every other day) but after that I'll be waiting a long time to use them again. I'm going to max most of the troops I might use first before doing all 18 levels of hogs. I might actually max all of the other troops before putting any levels into hogs. It is the same thing I did with the pekka and the witch because they are just way too far behind to be potentially useful.

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