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Thread: Sharing Army Compositions

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    Sharing Army Compositions

    I think we should be able to share our armies for our clanmates to copy, just like in Clash Royale with decks. This way, players donít have to go to the pains of typing out each individual troop and itís amount in clan chat for someone else to train themselves, instead they can just copy it into their quick train. For example, if there is another event for using a certain troop, people make new armies based on that troop in order to complete the event. These armies could be shared with clanmates, and it should be a thing for many of the same reasons Clash Royale has deck sharing.

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    Maybe Supercell could use the same linking mechanics from base sharing to allow sharing of the saved army slots we have now.

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    This and being able to share it to global chat would be nice
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    I don't see the same benefit that CR have by sharing your decks because the armies comp have so much variables that CR don't... but would be nice to having it specially when there is troops events to share with my clanmates imo

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    They can just visit whoeverís village and look at their army camps.

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    an army composition is only effective if they also understand the reasoning and strategy of deployment. that said, for as many times as this comes up in our clan, we just say what the comp is in chat and they can train it

    i don't see it as vital as copying a base, but not against it, either

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