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    Merging threads

    I do understand why all meaningless new topics about OBS are merged in to the sneak peek sticky. I also understand topics need to be moved to the relevant sub forum although the most read part of the forum still is General and you will have the most responses there. I really respect all the hard work the moderators do to keep this forum nice, tidy and clean.

    But can one of the moderators explain to me why a good separate discussion about how OBS could fit different play styles with over (I guess) 70 posts needs to be "hidden" in the sticky with 1900 posts causing the complete discussion with great ideas to end abruptly?

    Next to that, all the topics about OTTO are neither merged in the BH9 sneak peek or moved to the Builder Base sub forum.

    Please be considered what you merge and move.

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    I forgot...
    And please do not discuss mod actions publicly.
    Try to contact a mod, to discuss privately, but know that unmerging is unlikely, or very demanding...

    (how to avoid problems: remove the content of your post, and ask a mod).

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    You canít have a nice a tidy forum and have people have a whole lot of threads on the side in these times. When people post a separate thread they run the risk of it getting merged into the sticky sooner or later, mostly we try to merge sooner rather then later however it canít always be avoided that it will be later.

    The fact that general is more visited, viewed or active doesnít warrant the excuse to post in the wrong sub. Theyíre there for a reason.

    We certainly do understand the topic of the update is a hit topic but thereís also other people wanting to discuss other things and there needs to be room for both.

    Now you also have a bit of homework to do and thatís to read the forum rules and pay close attention to rule 19 because you just broke that one.

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