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Thread: A Donation Box for Clanmate

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    A Donation Box for Clanmate

    What's up guys, I have a great idea for future clan of clans. I have a great idea for donations called a A donation box.

    What's a donation box?

    Imagine this ok. You go on clash of clans and there is a feature botton in the clan chat or clan castle. This donation box capacity can got up to 200 to 400 capacity depending how big the clan is. Now in this donation box any player is able to donate any type of troops, potions & siege machines in this clan donation box and lets just say you need to use a war attack you need edrag, freeze and slammer but nobody is on to give you that...
    You open the clan donation box and if it has those 3 you can select the troop you need, potion and siege once done it will go in your clan caslte. Also good for defense or for multiplayer. To prevent players taking troops repeatedly there would be a 5 minutes count down before you can grab more troops.

    Clan perks

    Clan level 1: Donation box can hold up to 60 troops worth of capacity, 4 of big spell like rage, 2 dark spells capacity like Earthquake, poison, haste.

    Clan level 5: Donation box can hold up to 200 of capacity troops, 6 capacity of big spells like rage, jump spell, jump spell. 3 dark spells capacity and 2 siege machines.

    Clan level 10: donation box can hold up to 400 capacity troops, 10 capacity of bigs spells like rage, jump, healing spell. 5 capacity of dark spells and hold up to 6 siege machines.

    You will have to wait for a bit to able to grab more troops, spells and siege again. Countdown will go by your clan perks.

    Let me know what you think. I know sometime a player will come on and nobody isn't on to donate for war, defense or for multiplayer and at least with the donation box it will help out.

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    Instead of a 5 minutes countdown, it should be a daily limit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KraxyK View Post
    Instead of a 5 minutes countdown, it should be a daily limit.
    Or 2 per day to get war attacks in

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