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Thread: The Road shop

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    The Road shop

    Give us 1 or 2 box in the roadshop, only for the people in our nabourhood. Lock Them so other players from other nabourhood canīt see them.
    that will give us the oportunity to help nabours with cheap stuff, without other players or bots stealing it.

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    Yes, I agree ����

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    This is found in the section titled in this area of the forum:

    No immediate plans, but maybe someday

    "Neighborhood features

    Special RSS bin for NH use only or locked shop for NH only"

    So maybe we will see this feature you are mentioning.

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    Yeay ...... 🙌🙌🙌
    Yes please.... It is my dream 6 years playing.
    My friendly price I used to set for my team:
    - 100 for pies, cakes, salads, ice cream, juices
    - 5 coins for animals feed, saws & axes
    - 10 for all sugars & crops

    With this feature I don't lost those cheap items anymore

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