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Thread: ‘Meeting Hall’ for troops intended for donation

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    ‘Meeting Hall’ for troops intended for donation

    Like the topic says, it be nice not to have to donate out of your current army because quite frequently if you have another army queued up then it automatically start building a troop that you might not want in your current army instead of re-supply yourself with more archers you end up with three wizards or something after donating to a bunch of clan mates

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    Would making the requested things after you're free to make them or wait for your other clan mates to make then be a problem?

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    I think would be nice if we can have a separated training only for donations I know many many ppl who don't make donations because moving the troops in the queue it's hard to understand for them.

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    if moving troops in the queue is hard to understand for them, i can only imagine what their war attacks look like

    i am the primary donor in my clan. i have a th12 that does little else but donate between cwl's. my main account also donates

    my donating 12 serves as the "clan donation bank." i cook and hold the troops i know people will request. electros. loons. ice golems. valks. drags. sieges. poison. freeze. when I fill a req, i cook its replacement.

    the only drawback is i have to be online to fill req's.

    my main account i leave 40 spaces in my second army open (slots filled by quick troops like archers and wizards). when someone req's I can cook troops for them in these slots. before i attack with army 1, I start cooking the filler troops for army 2. i come back, hit quick train (my raid army minus those 40 slots saved in my quick train army slot) and i'm set while heroes get healthy before my next attack

    simple management strategies on your end save a lot of coding hassles on the programming end

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    While others have mentioned ways to manage this issue which do work, this isnt a bad idea imo. We have 3 quick train slots for preset armies (more would be nice, even if they had to be bought with gems). And we also have the ability to have 2 armies trained at once since we have the que to do so. Having a seperate single que for training troops strictly for donation that does not go to your camps even if they are empty would be a nice qol improvement. Even if there are those that think this is "unnecessary coding", well no one can deny that other things have been added to the game over the years that werent exactly "necessary" but does make things a little easier for us.
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