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Thread: You say goodbye, we say hello!

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    You say goodbye, we say hello!

    Hello, hello! Our friendly NH is feeling a bit too tiny these days and we’d like to say hello to a few new players. We’ve been together a few years now and some great farmers have come and gone (all on friendly terms). We’re from around the world, but only speak in English, levels range from around 70-149.

    Some of us are active in the Derby (we generally trash anything under 320) and a few others are helpful along the way as they tend their plots. We’ve done ok in the Derby and up till now been in the Champions League and won a few cups now and then.

    We generally only chat about the game, we’re all very polite, friendly and relaxed ��

    So if you like the sound of us...come and visit and see how we all get along

    Thanks...Green Lane Farm, Co-Leader
    Cheezy Ville tag #LQ9 JQUU
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    Hey all....we’re still looking for new players ��

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    Hi... Just want to let you know your tag# is not working...

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    Oh no...thanks v much for letting me know ������

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    Thanks for spotting that Chickaboom....edited post to correct tag now
    Cheezy Ville #LQ9 JQUU
    Come and visit us and join our lovely little friendly ‘hood

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    Hello again....just bumping our message along....we’ve welcomed a great new member, so the word is out! Cheezy Vill is still looking for new farmers....come and join’s Derby day!

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    Still looking for new players to join us...please ask if there’s anything you like to know about us��

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