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Thread: This week's Power Derby tasks generation stressful

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    This week's Power Derby tasks generation stressful

    This week's Power derby tasks been awful. There have not been hardly any fast tasks to uplift the players, such as mine, help, fast crop.
    We have a fairly large team.
    There are the less experienced players in my hood that are really struggling trying to get in all of their tasks because they have nothing but slow tasks to play and getting behind their pace.
    This really stresses them out. It takes away from their free time in real life too.

    There should be more consideration on tweaking the task generation in consideration with the current event.
    We had hardly no 320 Truck tasks during the Triple XP Truck event. Just boats, boats and more boats.
    I held back my derby play until the Boat event came so other players have more tasks and so I could do boats and get the XP and task completions at the same time.
    I always avoid the 4 boat tasks in normal derby because I am not a diamond blower to get boat early.
    But the 2 boat 320 tasks I find reasonable.

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    Our tasks were mostly low points and boats. I think I must have done 6 boat tasks this derby because that is all that showed up.
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    Agreed. I have been trying to generate tasks every 30 minutes for the last 4 hours and I can't get any crop/mining/help tasks over 300 points.

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