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Thread: Player YEARS ago... new account, any lower-level neighborhoods?

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    Player YEARS ago... new account, any lower-level neighborhoods?

    I played Hay Day 3-4 years ago and Clash of Clans up until a year ago, and just recently picked Hay Day back up. I'm only level 18 as I decided to start fresh. My old account was level 40 and I was super behind in terms of being able to make coins to buy machines (it all went downhill from the moment I couldn't even afford the BBQ Grill lol), thus why I just decided to start off new. So far I'm well ahead of the game in coins, I've been sitting at ~10k after buying everything for each level. Granted, it's early so nothing is that expensive yet, but I've done way better than I did for my old account (see BBQ Grill comment).

    I did participate in derbies when I played a while back (maybe it was more recent than 3-4 years? I don't know when derbies became a thing), so I understand the gist of them (unless they've changed a lot).

    I'm not expecting to join some champion level, filled with level 75+ neighborhoods, but if there are any neighborhoods with active leadership who have more lower-level guys, I'd be interested for sure. It's very hard to find an active neighborhood when a lot of lower level players are inactive. The neighborhood I'm in right now only has 10 active people max, out of the 25 in the neighborhood. I don't think the leader is active anymore. I'd like to be able to join prior to the next derby in a few days.

    I've fine with helping where needed. I donate to neighborhood requests when I can and frequently check on them. Truck order requests I can also help with (I've never understood why people do so many truck orders though, don't you make way more coins just selling in the shop?) and boat orders I'm fine with chipping in on (atleast selling part of a crate to someone for less than I generally would). I'll be opted in for derbies unless I know I won't be around, and I'll opt out if that's the case. I log in every couple hours or so, give or take.

    -I'm in the US. US-only neighborhood is NOT necessary, but I DO want an English first language group. At the very least, I would like the leaders to be English first language. Chatty neighborhood is important to me.
    -I'm not quite 21 (less than 2 years off), but I'd be welcome to joining adult neighborhoods that make exceptions. I'm not here to stir drama. Just to crack some jokes and have some fun while I play the game.
    -I'd like a group that atleast tries in derby. You don't have to take first every time, but I'd prefer not to be in a group that always finishes in the bottom. I don't want a group where people in the derby are inactive, or a group where the leaders never trash tasks, even if they offer like no points.
    -I'd like a neighborhood of a decent size. Atleast 20 members, but I'll consider all offers.

    I don't want to be too picky on this. I just want an active group that actually plays the derby and is chatty. Those are the only hard-set requirements that I'd like that I won't budge on.

    Please lmk if you'd be willing to take me in. Cheers
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    Let me start by saying my hood doesn't fit all your requirements but happy to have you join us until you find one that does. We currently have 10 hood members and growing slowly (recruiting is hard work).

    Our leader never plays Derby but he is the most active out of all of us. Currently we have 4 people doing Derby most weeks. If you are in Derby it's 9x310 and 9x400 in special derby.

    We are mostly Australian and US players at this stage and on our recruitment ad we say English only adults. The entry level is currently set at 18. Most of us are over level 70 but we are looking for low level players so we can help you grow.

    So fell free if you get no better offers before Derby starts to come over and give us a go.

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    Please come check out our neighborhood. We have been part of a big neighborhood but decided to run our own. We are serious derby players but help out a lot. Chatty and friendly. Our members speak English. To join us you need to be at level 33.

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    My main account would probably fit you better but we are full. My second farm's neighborhood is too small and silent. I will post the tag just in case, we are at least active and trash tasks so that is a plus.
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