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Thread: Pimp your train(s)

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    Pimp your train(s)

    Maybe, just like the car and the house, it is a good idea if you can also pimp your train(s). Different wagons, different locomotive(s) and/or different wheels. You can pimp the train(s) at the builder (Maggie). I hope you like the idea to pimp the train(s) in town.

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    I like the idea. I would definitely spend my coins making my train look different.
    I can't see many people getting behind this idea though because a large number of people feel that Maggie is too expensive.
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    I am a member of the dissenting opinion. Maggie is too expensive, and we should be allowed to keep what we buy. However i wouldn't want to stand in the way of any farmer using their own coin on what they want. So if it does happen i just won't be taking part.

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