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    Poll: End of season Trophy guesses for 1st season

    The new scoring system now really has the potential to put up a lot of trophies for people that use all of their attacks over the course of a season. Im interested to see the status of the leaderboard over the course of the season. I wonder whether the board will remain rather static or how much shuffling we will see at the top. Im sure we will see trophy levels break 6k, but they have the potential to break 7k by the end of season. So with that said, What do you think the top trophy score will be at the end of the first season?

    Im gonna go really specific and say 7023.

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    It doesn't seem to me like 7k is even a vague possibility.
    30 days.
    How many up do you think someone can really go in a day?
    To go up 2000, you would need 70 more trophies, every day. I think once you are against other very good players you will be moving fractionally up or down daily.
    5700, maybe?
    I know I won't make 6000 again!

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    Iím thinking in the 6200 neighborhood. If I must pick and exact number, then Iíll go with 6269.

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    5420. Gonna be unexpectedly hard.

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    5854 the first season

    6024 second season

    As more people move up, the lower legends will get easier over time, allowing higher pushes.

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    40 stars for a 3*
    16 stars for a 2* + 1* for every 3% above 50%

    8 attacks per day

    I’m going to venture to guess that the majority (7 out of 8) of the attacks are going to be 2* attacks, at let’s say an average of 70% hit rate, so that’s 16+7=23* per attack, so that’s 7 x 23 and 1 x 40, so that equates to 161* per day, and the season is 30 days?, so 30 x 161 = 4830* + 5000 starting stars = 9830*

    of course a perfect warrior would be 8 x 40 = 320* per day for 30 days = 9600* + 5000* = a mind blowing 14600 perfect stars!!!

    now let’s say your amazing defensive base holds to an average of 80% at a 2* rate x 8 attacks per day for 30 days = 8640* per season, so 9830 - 8640 = 1190* + 5000 starting stars = 6190*, unless of course your base sucks, then really you’re now in Titans and none of this matters...... you might as well go farming........

    and of course this is all based on you hitting maxed bases, so truthfully the variables are staggering.......

    *grabbing a beer and getting comfy*

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    Nice analysis i was just about to point out the huge difference between a 50% 2 stars and a 90% 2 stars: 13 trophies. One thing I think is for sure that 50% 2 stars just arent going to cut it in legends anymore.

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    8136 ‼️

    I think most players will achieve lower levels of trophies in legends but that we will see a much more extreme tail to the distribution curve at the top end.

    We could see some astonishing trophy levels achieved.

    here is an extreme scenario
    elite player with new +20 levels of heros, and new attack strategy, and well designed max base.
    8 attacks per day achieving 3 stars worth +40 trophies each
    8 defences per day at 80% 2 stars worth - 26 trophies each
    gain of 8 * 40- 8 * 26 =112 trophies per day
    gain of 28 * 112 = 3136 trophies in 28 day season

    Very unlikely but possible

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