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    Quote Originally Posted by speakers View Post
    The new mode is fantastic, but PLEASE add friendly challenges to that menu so we don't have to ask people for fc's in chat all the time.
    You should be more clear in your request. It took me a few minutes and go through your thread to understand that you want people in your clan to have the ability to set a set of layouts as available to FC at all time, and any member can go in, and take a fc from those base at all time. Overall good idea though. But it means SC will have to maintain a huge number of "snap shot" of the bases, like what they're going to do in legend league.

    Waiting 24 hours for a map to available to FC is ridiculous. Yeah, it's to avoid sandboxing, but there are million of ways to make it better

    Solution 1: If less than 30% of the base was changed in last 24 hours period, it's available for FC.
    So, if you change 10% of your base now, it still available for fc. If you change 10% more of your base 2 hours from now, it will still be available for fc. But if you change 10% of your base 2 hours after that, your base will be lock for another 24 hours (counted from the first time you change it.
    So if we swap some defense, move some traps, it will be available right away, not 24 hours later

    In additional, you should be able to attack your own base to test your design. some principal apply.

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    From What I see in Judosloths video! The "Luring the CC troops before beginning your attack" comes quite later at Townhall 8 practice levels. I don't know if my words could convince the CoC team but darian could you please pass the suggestion to add the practice levels of "luring CC troops and defending them" as early as at Th3/4??
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    An awesome update! This looks like a great addition to the game.

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    Will SC end up using these practice maps for magic item challenges in the future? You can set it to a TH lvl. Instead of resources as the reward, you get magic items. You get a free army and get to learn an attack and (hopefully in the future) magic items.

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    So considering this change will affect legend league season, can we say with any confidents it will drop at the end of the current season? so in 8 days? So on morning 24th June??

    I have 13 walls left to upgrade before both bases are 100% maxed, so hoping I still have time to do this before the new content drops!!
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    I totally dig the layout link functionality. As a more competitive player, there’s so many uses for it. For FC parties training a specific strat, helping someone out quick when he/she doesn’t have time to make a base, maintaining a clan base library, etc...

    I’m looking forward to trying it out!

    One question though: Dairian
    said ‘Links that have not been used for a while will eventually be deactivated.’

    please define ‘a while’. As I said, I can see a use for the links as a clan base library... but if links go stale...
    then it breaks things of course

    Like someone else said... Opening up the format at some point would be the most amazing add on imo. But let’s start with v1

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    Demanding a release date doesn't get you one any sooner.
    What the rational behind not giving release dates? Do you believe this somehow increases the anticipation or are you still working on testing it and aren't confident you can make the release date?

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    Love it! Insert toad hype overload meme here

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    Anything coming today.....a release date don't coming...why supercell....why? sigh....

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