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Thread: Troop idea: Ballista

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    Troop idea: Ballista

    Troops are always the most fun and game-changing aspects of the game when new ones get added. As far as I know though, only one elixir troops and 1-2 dark elixir troops get added per town hall level. There are no new troops for TH12 (disregarding siege machines), but that will likely change with the implementation of town hall 13.

    So first I will start with a new TH12 troop that would get added along with the addition of town hall 13: The Ballista. This slow-moving and incredibly fragile semi-siege machine is a 20 housing space troop that knocks out buildings from afar. You probably all know what a ballista looks like:


    As you can see, it is quite a large thing, capable of destroying even the strongest buildings with its heavy-hitting explosive bolt. It is manned by two people. When moving, the ballista is slowly pushed along by the two men until they find a suitable target. When a target is reached, the Ballista will slowly be set up for shooting, which takes 6 seconds. During this time, an animation can be seen of the two guys setting up and loading the ballista. After it shoots once, the ballista takes 4 seconds to shoot again.

    The Ballista is really keen on shooting buildings that have a lot of HP (Town hall, storages, clan castle and some defenses) so that it works as efficiently as possible. It shoots from a long range, about that of a cannon, but in its quest to find a tanky building it might get in front of some of your troops and get targeted by cannons and archer towers, so watch out! You must plan your attack and decide when and where to drop your ballistas if you don't want to waste your army camp spaces.

    When the ballista hits a building, it will cause splash damage to nearby buildings and troops as well due to its explosive bolt. The range of this is 3 tiles from the initial impact site, meaning that only building that are very close are affected. The splash damage is reduced by 1/4 for every tile that it is away from the impact tile. When defending, the ballista's damage is halved and the maximum range of splash damage is 1.5 tiles.

    Ballista stats:

    Level: 1
    HP: 400
    Damage per shot: 1,000 (dps of 250)
    Training cost: 15,000 elixir
    Barracks level required: level 14 (available at TH12)
    Barracks upgrade cost: 5,000,000 elixir
    Appearance: Basically what a normal ballista looks like (see picture) but, of course, cartoon-ier and with two men directly nearby it wearing light brown clothes (these have the overall body shape of the wizard, but without the robe, magic and afro). It is mostly made of wood with a couple of wheels under the whole thing so that it can be moved.

    Level: 2
    HP: 475
    Damage per shot: 1,200 (dps of 300)
    Training cost: 16,500 elixir
    Laboratory level required: level 10 (available at TH12)
    Troop upgrade cost: 10,000,000 elixir
    Appearance: The box-shaped thing at the front of the ballista and the shaft are made of a substance that resembles iron. The men are now wearing light grey clothes with some silver decorations if one looks closely enough.

    From this point we're at TH13, which is just speculation:

    Level: 3
    HP: 550
    Damage per shot: 1,400 (dps of 350)
    Training cost: 18,000 elixir
    Laboratory level required: level 11 (available at TH13)
    Troop upgrade cost: 12,000,000 elixir
    Appearance: The wheels of the ballista are now made of reinforced iron with a gold dot in the middle. The shaft of the ballista becomes golden as well, while the bow gets a silvery appearance. The men are now wearing yellow clothes with golden decorations.

    Level: 4
    HP: 625
    Damage per shot: 1,600 (dps of 400)
    Training cost: 19,500 elixir
    Laboratory level required: level 11 (available at TH13)
    Troop upgrade cost: 14,000,000 elixir (however, this heavily depends on the amount of elixir you're able to store at TH13. This upgrade is meant to be late TH13 and thus requires most if not full elixir to upgrade.)
    Appearance: The front of the ballista is now slightly crystalline blue, while the shaft retains its golden appearance. The wheels are now completely made out of gold. The men are still wearing yellow clothes, but now with emerald decoration.

    But JeHooft! Isn't this troop just an electro dragon with long range? It's OP!

    The Ballista may have roughly the same DPS as the Electro Dragon, but do notice that the health of these machines is incredibly low, meaning they have to stay behind cover at all costs, or a lot of troop space will be wasted.
    Also, the ballista's men are cocky and will asume that you protect them, even when you don't: the ballista has preferred targets, namely high HP buildings. The ballista will beeline towards these buildings, often putting itself in danger as high HP defense buildings such as inferno towers and X-bows can reach the ballista when the ballista is able to reach them.
    Other high HP buildings are often found in the inside of the base, which also means that the troop will put itself in danger to get into the base. This is why you will have to think of strategies that keep your ballistas safe at all costs.

    Lastly, how to use a Ballista in an attack.

    Try to drop ballistas midway through a raid, to make sure that most high HP buildings are already exposed when the ballista targets them. Always, and I mean ALWAYS deploy them behind tankier units, and make sure they don't catch up to the tanks.

    The best way to use ballistas would be to snipe town halls. They can be set up just outside of a giga tesla's attack range, and dropping just about four of them would be enough to destroy the town hall in a few seconds. Other than that, ballistas can be used with a warden to resist way more damage and land some hits on inferno towers and X-bows deep inside the base.

    It is best to use a maximum of 4 ballistas, as they take up a lot of space and are not likely to survive when attacking en masse. Use them smartly and conservatively, and you will deal great damage with this glass cannon.

    I think that's about it in terms of what I want to say with this troop suggestion. I hope you guys like it! If you have any constructive feedback please do tell me, as I thought hard about this troop and it would be a nice addition to the game in my opinion.
    This is also my first suggestion on this forums so please don't treat me too harshly :blush:
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