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    Quote Originally Posted by SharkyFinn View Post
    I go back-and-forth on it, honestly.

    For me, the big "pro" is that the game has had a bit of rejuvenation with the increased attention due to the competive play. The live streams have been a lot of fun to watch lately, whereas I really couldn't have cared less about live streams before. The idea of a million dollar Clash of Clans tournament seemed a bizarre fantasy a year or two ago and I'll admit to being a bit envious of the attention Clash Royale got over Clash of Clans due to the tournament play. It also feels like there are a lot fewer ways to "game the system" today than there ever were, and actual skill has come out on top.

    That being said, the big "con" for me is that competition isn't what drives me and I don't need it to have fun. I've never felt the need to prove myself to be a better player than others. I'm fine just doing my thing. I like mindless diversions. I like tap-tap-tapping. I like rote methods, mindless attacking, binge playing and gaining rewards simply for putting in the time. When the game gets too difficult, and attacking requires too much focus, too much planning, and too much effort, it loses a lot of interest for me. Fortunately, there are still quite a few of those options available (I absolutely love Clan Games) and the only real pressures I feel are those I put on myself. But from experience, I know that the tougher the game, the less I play.

    One side note that I've come to realize about my pattern of play: the less available loot, the less real money I spend. I don't know how many other players fall into this category, but I've realized that if I have tons of resources and no builders available, I'll gem upgrades left-and-right, so I don't "waste" the loot. If I don't have a lot of resources and I find it difficult to fill my storages, I won't gem a thing and will just wait until I have enough and ride out the full upgrade. It's a little counter-intuitive to spend more money on an easy game than it does on a difficutl one, but nonetheless that appears to be the pattern I follow.
    Well said. Lots of people like us: I still enjoy steamrolling a dead base for a ton of loot, even if it doesn't require flawless planning and execution.

    I think the game, overall, has tilted a bit more towards offense which I like. Seems like a lot more 3-stars at TH11 vs TH11 and TH12 v TH12 than there use to be at when TH10 or TH11 was the max.
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    I think it broadens the church. I can pop bubbles a bit and get a fix of competition via war or CWL. I can go Ďall iní and try to test myself in LL to see how both my base and attacking stands up. I can go low and work on my unbreakable achievement (1100 5 years in.... needs some work.) I can just float & try random stuff.

    I think theyíve added, or at least fixed, a missing area of competition for me. Whether i want to do it or not is TBC, but I couldnít compete in legends previously - my life and clouds donít work together. I can boost and find an hour or 2 a day to compete now for a season.

    New LL is an option, not an obligation. I donít cloud today, I donít have to cloud tomorrow. All gravy.

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    I support this 100% keep it up supercell. Progression is what the game is about!

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    I've been active enough online around Clash of Clans to know that I never wanted to be in the clouds. I have usually stayed below Titans even. But this news has me climbing trophies for the first time. My playstyle has always been to pop in, attack, then pop out and go on. Not that Legends will be more conducive to that, I'm going to give it a shot.

    Will I strive and obsess over getting to the top? No. I have too many defenses and walls to work on to at this time. But I think I will have fun with the new Legends. And if not, I've never had an issue dropping to where the loot/attack availability suit my playstyle.

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    I personally love the way this game is heading now. It's amazing how much the whole atmosphere around clash of clans has revitalised since they started to add these competitive updates. I'm thrilled about the new legends league although I'm just now upgrading to th12 and have never even pushed to titans before. And the way they interact with the community is something special, they've really earned my trust that they take the feedback seriously and genuinely want to make this game the best it can possibly be for many years to come.

    I remember the spirit me and many of my clanmates had some years ago when th12 wasn't anywhere in horizon to be seen and we felt that the game was slowly decreasing. Clan wars were full of engineers and the game just wasn't so enjoyable for many of us. We didn't have hopes for a better future. But the times that started from th 12 update have changed it all. My entire clan is enjoying the game again and we're all excited about the new updates although we're not all maxed th 12s. In our eyes this game now has a bright future again. That's enough to give us all motivation to play and progress, no matter what th level we have now.

    Some years ago I'd never have imagined a change like this would've been possible but SC has really amazed me. Thanks for the whole dev team from me and my clan

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    It's nice but I feel you can't have or force everyone to understand war strategies in attacking and what not. A perfect war is nice but that's also what makes a clan, their deficiencies. If my clan did a perfect war straight for months that would be boring. No sharing strategy and what not. Yes the competitiveness has grown higher but leisure player base will keep it where it is good for the game.

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    Galadon will run with the TH20 confirmation on his YouTube channel for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandyplays123 View Post
    I feel like supercell doesn't care about lower ths' anymore and want everyone to rush to th12.
    Really there is plenty of content at lower th lvls, and once you finish with a certain th lvl rather it be you maxed the base or just tired of said th lvl and wanna go up. You can always upgrade to the next th lvl for more/new content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starfishlol View Post
    Man u completely described my situation with videogames. I enjoy competition but not too much. I wanna be able to play a game and experience everything that it has to offer while being a casual and not being competitive. This is why for me COC will always be better than CR.
    you and I share the same game sentiments. I am and can be competitive, but this game offers opportunities for really casual alternatives. the daily tasks, Clan Games CWL (my clan is not super competitive in this realm or regular War for that matter)
    Other games I like and play in the same manner. I just like to have fun when I am on my down time and Clash fits this rather well.

    as an aside: I hated (and continue my disdain for) Royal. it was more P2W and certain cards were just too common (or OP IMO: Looking at you Mega Knight) and it seemed like everyone was on the bandwagon for those cards/play style. it was not fun for me and ended up in frustration to the point I had to walk away. after many curse laden rants in clan chat. hehe lol.

    I am near T1 so I can push through the clouds and get the first taste of the 'NeoLeggy' as soon as, or quite near the launch of the new update.
    I like what I hear so far. and hope the implementation goes really smoothly. Clouds were the reason I left from Leggy in the first place. so since there are not going to be heavy wait times (IN THEORY) then I can potentially get my badge back and have some good loots to boast on top of it.

    so here is to a great plan and hopefully some smooth sailing in the clear blue skies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotanwaton View Post
    th 13 before the gap reach 2.5years. confirmed.
    They have said that before. In fact they said when they brought out TH12 that they did not intend to have as big a gap again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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