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Thread: Non-rushed th8 looking for active clan

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    Exclamation Non-rushed th8 looking for active clan

    I'm a non-rushed TH8, and level 71. My IGN is DobTheDino and I would like a clan in the US or at least english speaking. I also would like the clan to be active and war often.
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    Hi, my name is TJ, and I am the leader of a level 11 clan. I am restarting this clan, and I am looking for TH9s and below who want to do Clan War Leagues, Clan Games, and Clan Wars. All are welcome!! #J88PYRL0

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    Level 13 Clan

    We are an level 13 War clan in the process of rebuilding, or core is pretty strong. English speaking. Looking for active players,+18. We have the basic rules most war clans have:
    -must use both attacks
    -follow notes
    -not really worried about donations, not a real problem in the clan
    -we participate in Clan games and CWL

    Check us out at #9P9QQCOC
    U.N. Vigilantes

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    I tried adding you but you’re in a clan already. Let me know if it doesn’t work out. Thanks

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    We are a casual war clan who are all adults. We always play to win and always require you to use both war attacks. Must participate in clan games as well as cwl. Our war record is 155-24 so we know how to win but also aren’t sweaty about it. We prefer TH10s and under non rushed but if you’re above TH10 and non rushed we will welcome you! Come check us out! #2RR829J9 Magnitude 12 ,Either pm here, write on this post, or request to join in game and say “from forums”.


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    ⛎⛎The Phi Family is looking for new members!⛎⛎

    (1) Phi (level 18) (#YYQQ09): 579+ war wins | Champion League 3
    (2) Iron Giants (level 17) (#9GY0GC82): 406+ war wins | Crystal League 1
    (3) ATX WOLVES (level 16) (#8PJGJUQG): 420+ war wins | Crystal League 2

    About Us:
    ⛎International Members
    ⛎B2B Wars
    ⛎Part of the Elite Nation
    ⛎Team Player – family friendly, fun and supportive
    ⛎Adult Clan – No kids / drama
    ⛎Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed / .5
    ⛎Clan Game - Max

    Looking for:
    ANY town hall level
    ⚡Use both attacks

    Join us on Discord for more information:

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    Looking to take the next step in your clash experience & get involved in League play? Well look no further than Ellie’s Empire ��

    ��Here we are Blue Falcon #89Y0J8QU
    ��Family Clan: King KBC (#8JQ8G20L)
    ��King & Prince (#GLYR8RQJ)
    ��LP6 Pegasus (#2LJ0QYR2)
    ��MLCW S8 BML participants
    ��English Speaking
    ��24/7 war
    ��Supercell Clan Wars (SCWL)
    ��Max Clan Games
    ��training folks to be 3 star attackers
    ��access to more servers to further your knowledge & potluck wars

    ��Looking for
    ��Th9 - 25/25
    ��Th10 - 35/35
    ��Th11 - 45/45/10
    ��Th12 - 55/55/25
    ��(New Recruits go to KBC for trials)

    King & Prince
    ��th8 & below
    ��24/7 war
    ��English speaking
    ��Clan Games

    ��Check us out:

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    Hey Zeglor, If you're looking for a friendly casual war clan, you should definitely check us out. The name is Valiant Valks the clan tag is #UV28GJJC

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