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    Who becomes number 1?

    Given two maxed out bases, who is listed as number 1 on the battle menu?

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    Some say it's random and some say that whoever maxed first.

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    In the war menu..

    I don't think anyone has worked it out.

    I used to think it was who was registered first in the game - oldest account is higher.

    Or player who has more war stars.

    There is a default sorting order. But no idea what it is..
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    Nothing to prove it with though, but i think it is the base that has been the most active in recent wars, IE: last 25 or so.
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    It's based on a hidden value called the "Darian-o-meter", which depends on how much a player loves Darian. The more love, the higher you rank.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galluccio View Post
    Given two maxed out bases, who is listed as number 1 on the battle menu?
    The player with the highest level.

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    I thought it was the player that's herded the most cats into their base.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodyIrishman View Post
    I thought it was the player that's herded the most cats into their base.

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    It's a random thing based upon 'data shards' . I'm not clever enough to understand what these shards are, so here's a picture of one of them in London! :-

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    we have 5 maxed players in our clan.. I have been number 1 for 3-4 wars and we started another war last night and i am now 3... imo it is completely random.

    the line up whilst searching will also change when a war is found. as i was 1 whilst searching and once war prep day started i was 3rd.

    We have also tested this by searching for a war and cancelling, searching, cancelling.. the max bases change position all the time.
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