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Thread: Shovel of obstacles & the tragedy of being a oldschool player

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    The only item I have a high amount of really is the Halloween cauldrons, spawning rates must have been high in that year. Again, if I earned them why should I have to remove them? I have lots of room at the extremities of my base to accommodate the obstacles so I should have an opportunity to utilise that space. Of course if I filled the outside of my base I would begin removing multiples to make room for the newer items but that will not be the case for a very, very long time.. years even..

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    You want all your obstacles and that's cool, but do you really need 6, 7 or 8 of the same .. everything? Why can't you just live with say 2 or 3 of everything, therefore cleaning up your base and you can design as you want.

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    Free shovels? Where? I have not received such. I just believe that the unique obstacles show your commitment to coc and that they would look excellent at the extremities of our bases. Why should I remove them when they look cool and are unique to my time playing coc for in excess of 7-8 years.
    There have been at least 6 shovels in clangames and events since they became a possible reward, perhaps more?
    You might have to put in some effort, and you might need to pass up on something else (in games) but they ate still free
    And you haven't played for 7 years. No one has

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    Quote Originally Posted by DogzBoll0xxzz View Post
    I earned them
    Earned them? Though I completely see you sentiments (I collect one of each obstacle, and remove the rest) I do not think they are earned. No tasks were completed, nothing invested apart from starting the game and occasionally opening it. By the way: Isn't it true that there is a maximum, after which spawning of new obstacles stops?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 3Lima View Post
    .... By the way: Isn't it true that there is a maximum, after which spawning of new obstacles stops?
    Both Yes, and No. Once you reach the obstacle limit (I myself have been over limit for a long time), then normal obstacles stop spawning (bushes, logs, mushrooms, etc.). But that limit does not apply to neither gem boxes, nor special obstacales. Those two keep spawning until there is literally no more room on your base.
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