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Thread: More Expansion Tools in the DD!

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    in my head...

    More Expansion Tools in the DD!

    I'm not sure if its just me but I've been experiencing an abnormally large amount of tools in the DD.

    Multiple multiple times a day I see ads for bems, sems, and lems. And not just 1 stake but 9 or 10 items advertised alot of the time.

    I've been able to upgrade my barn 3 times in the last couple of days and the only trading I've done has been 1:1 (example: too many panels so i trade for bolts). I'm not complaining at all just wondering if there has been an increase in sales in tools or if its something eles?

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth but is anyone eles experiencing something similar?

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    I'm going to be speculating a bit, but I believe the game is reaching a very low level of player activity with holding out on the release of the BIG update. With less players on at a time, you are seeing more tools and an increased ability to get them before they are scooped up. Personally, I am only on the game myself for maybe a cumulative 20 minutes a day (I used to be on for at least 3 hours a day). Just impatiently waiting like everyone else to see what's in store with the coming update.

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    I agree what you’re seeing is a smaller number of farmers advertising, overall. I’ve actually begun to recognize farms that are showing up repeatedly in the DD several times a day (not bots, just the same ad I saw a few papers before...) which I think Spartan is completely correct about, just reflects a decrease in activity while we wait for what is supposedly on its way ....

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    hmm...I did notice higher quality RSSes but I thought it was that SC is currently on top of what Iíve taken to calling the ďflake farmsĒ. Less of them, better pickings in the DD. I still think this is the cause. 😊 It may not last but Iím going to enjoy it while it does.

    (Iím here wishing I was getting your version of the DD though. Iíve gotten a few BEMs and SEMs but nothing near ďIím able to upgradeĒ quantity. Mind you, Iím not complaining about the highly sought after goods I am getting. Those are also very nice to have.)

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    really? brb in 2 days...
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    I have seen more interesting products in the daily dirt. Maybe because we are free from events which flood the paper?

    my best find has been several pineapple cakes for whatever reason
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    As the Triple XP truck event progressed the buying got so aggressive in the DD that I could not buy anything. Now that the event is over more items coming back in sight for the quick buyer. I have not seen any change than rare appearance of expansion items. Duct tape is so over generated is ridiculous. I find it in paper often along with deeds and recently more mallets. Planks and marker stakes seemed to be on the near extinction list from my end.
    There seemed to be many programmed parameters in the game that determines what is generated in a players DD.
    Such as a needed item for boat order will hardly be found in your DD at that time. Don't know if there are any particular conditions in a farm that would permit more expansion material ads in the DD, or if they just come heavy at times as a random fluke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WussyPuss View Post
    I have seen more interesting products in the daily dirt. Maybe because we are free from events which flood the paper?

    my best find has been several pineapple cakes for whatever reason
    That would make me happier than any expansion item. I think there must have been a pineapple cake eating contest in my town a few days this week.
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    think main reason is that pineapple is actually very easy to make no sugar no dairy products just eggs needed

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    We must be playing different versions of Hay Day since i am not seeing all that many EM's in the DD.
    Mind you, i am a passionate wheater and generate my own EMs, so less rummage through the DD, i guess.
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