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Thread: Stopping bats?

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    Stopping bats?

    Looking for some tips on how to defend in war against bats. Usually attacked by e drags and have had single infernos which have done great job, but been attacked by bats a couple times and been demolished.

    Other than switching to multi infernos (just gone to th12 so built my 3rd inferno) any other tips on design to stop them? Not having multi and wiz towers close so canít freeze both with 1 spell, but would you suggest wiz towers central or on outskirts etc? Tornado trap near inferno or wiz towers to try catch them?

    Any tips people have would be welcome

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    put the TH in the middle of the highest bat bomb value. bats will get stuck on it and die. especially effective if the th is in range of a multi inferno, so maybe 2 single 1 multi?

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    I run with 2 multi-infernos and 1 single.
    Edrags rarely 2 star my war base. Have yet to have anyone use bats on my base.

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