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Thread: Does CWL Really Have To Be After Clan Games Every Month?

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    Or just accept you won’t win every war in cwl. As long as you get 8 stars it doesn’t really matter. We take bases with hero’s down in CWL and still maintain our crystal 1 league. In fact we usually come second lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheldor1010 View Post
    You work hard the entire month getting seasonal challenges done. You even go all out and buy a gold pass so you end up with 25,000,000 gold/elixir and 250,000 DE. THEN, before you can use it, CWL starts. Now you can’t upgrade any heroes because you’ll miss the entire week of CWL.

    Last month I lost over 100,000 DE from attacks to my base because I had to wait 7 days before I could upgrade a hero.

    FYI: I used the Book of Heroes to upgrade my Grand Warden.

    Take 8 star in first 3 days of CWL and go off....put heroes in upgrade et voilà......


    You can upgrade lab with DE.


    You can wait a week without attack in map with a shield of Champ


    Simply do not partecipate CWL

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheldor1010 View Post
    Last month I lost over 100,000 DE from attacks <snip>

    FYI: I used the Book of Heroes to upgrade my Grand Warden.

    You could have used your Book of Heroes to upgrade one of your Royals, to avoid losing those 100K DE .. you know that, don't you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelk View Post
    It's about management if you bought the gold pass then you will also have two book of heroes at season end...
    You can only store one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GucciGobGang View Post
    Make sure to use Books, Hammers, and builder potions wisely ;
    did you know once you have 8 stars in CWL you will get the highest bonus you can get?
    once you have 8 you could get them to sit you out for a few extra days on heroes.
    Yep you can pretty much do three attacks (doable in two days and a bit) and then you can chill out because you already have 8 stars. Of course if you are good enough.

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    Should still be able to 2 star any base even with a hero down

    2 stars are still important

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    This is about how good you are in managing resources. I am an f2p player, so I won't be too worry about too much de got at the begining of each month. I suggest you to keep at least 1 BoH for BK ir AQ, and at least your lab upgrade will be available at the begining of each month.

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    Only solution to protect your DE is go with 1 week shield so after your last attack on cwl spend that DE.

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    It's just the way it it set up

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterEdy View Post
    And not going to change, I believe.
    That's so true

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