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    Quote Originally Posted by GucciGobGang View Post
    The matching works well if your lineup is consistent ;
    if you are struggling you will probably drop,
    if you are winning everything you will move up.

    In the memstime reward wise you are generally better off doing badly in a tough league than winning everything in the easy one.
    Some clans might have better bases but terrible attacks. Some clans are lazy and don't even fill CCs properly.

    CWL matches are based on your league. Not your clan. Over time your matchup will get more and more even.
    i'm talking about cw (classic war) matching, not cwl.

    i prefer cwl because it is based on ability. engineered bases and rosters get trashed. a clan needs a whole, active roster not just roster engineer to have a stronger top half

    but the other 3 weeks of the month... for guys who prefer war to farming...

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    Have you been through the Clan Wars subforum? This topic has been discussed at extreme length for the last few years.

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    I don’t even mind going up against engineered bases because they’re easy to 3 star. It’s like having someone who’s supposed to be a TH11 get crushed by a TH 8. It totally defeats the purpose. They’re hurting themselves more than us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyPC View Post
    Have you been through the Clan Wars subforum? This topic has been discussed at extreme length for the last few years.
    oh yes. i appreciated the th12 "fix" but not every player wanted every base to go to 12. i think in secret the engineers saw it as a further advantage in any war that meets two conditions:

    topped by a th11 anchor
    opponent is th8-th11 or th9-th11

    i posted this here not just to gripe that normal development is still "punished" by engineers who still lurk in cw pools, but to also offer suggestions how sc can further develop the mm so engineers can still play (against others like themselves) and the rest of us can have competitive wars

    i am not a defeatist. i don't see matching an engineered clan as an auto-loss, just an auto-waste-of-48-hrs

    the engineers we faced before last clan we won by 25 stars because once they saw our roster was strong enough to beat their engineering, they didn't fill cc's and only made 2 attacks

    sure, it was a win. sure, free clan points. sure, free loot

    but it wasn't fun or exciting

    win or lose engineering devalues the game experience and i would think sc would want to avoid that

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    Hmmm....there is a clan which plays with, say, 3 th 10, 4 th 9 and 3 th 8 (10v 10). Now their 10s upgraded to th 11s and decided, following the mantra " build what you can beat", to upgrade army camps, cc, troops, spells, heroes, traps and walls first and defence in the end (like I do) and their th 9s and 8s also did the same. They also upgraded storages, collectors and barracks to get some hit points on the base. Now their war weight is quite less compared to their offence. So, they might get matched with th 10s and 9s just like ur 10s got matched with 11.
    Remember : [even as max-ish 10s they started drawing engineered 11s in cw tho]. Your opponent clan was doing the same. Here u don't even need th 6s to offset some weight of th 11 because u already have weight of th 8s and 9s in your line up and ur 11s are just th 10s defence wise.

    In this example, all your conditions will be satisfied. So, is this engineering or not? If yes, then ur top 2 bases are doing it right now (mild engineering). If no, then why do you complain when it happens against you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonoraryGoblin View Post

    thanks for reading and understanding the plight of the ordinary, honest players who want to rely on skill and who don't try to game the system to just to get a win
    Sorry, but as one of those players, I really don't understand this "plight".

    If you are getting engineers frequently, then you don't have a "standard" roster, and your clan would be thrown in the engineer group if SC were ever to consider attempting such a thing.

    As a normal clan, with a reasonable roster, we get engineered opponents maybe 1 in 20 wars nowadays. I don't believe it needs much more fixing. There is still room for tweaks and minor improvements of course, but I really do not believe major changes are necessary, and I also do not believe SC will even consider trying ti split CW matchmaking into flagged pools.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grill View Post
    But when something like an update is to be expected all stupid breaks loose and it just becomes an idiot storm of catastrophic proportion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Maverick View Post
    Any more balance to th10 will make th10 broken...
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