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Thread: Gem total usage

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    Gem total usage

    is there any way to see how many gems you spent total?

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    No, you can look at your purchase history via whichever store you use, but nothing showing total gem usage.

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    Depending on what platform you play on, you can check your purchase history on your device and see what you bought.
    Add the total amount of gems you bought and compare to how many you currently have.
    This would not include gens recieved from removing obstacles, gem mine, selling magic items, or from a gift pack bought by a clan mate.
    This is as close as you could get to factoring how many gems you actually have spent.

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    i dont buy gems at all. im curious how many gems ive generated since the beginning of time

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    there is currently no option to saw such things. and i dont think that we ever get such a option.

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    Check your credit card receipts.

    SuperCell know this, but they don't want to tell you. In-game micro-purchasing works because you don't realize how much you are paying.

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