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    Quote Originally Posted by AcemanCOC View Post
    Does this mean that titan bases cannot be attack by legend and vice versa?
    (that would make the final push to 5000 harder for titans - interesting)
    I think the answer is: There won't be ANY cross attacking between, titans and OPTED-IN legends.
    And this is how it'll be working IMO:
    Once you reach 5k trophy,
    if you opt-in, you can attack opted-in legends and other opted-in legends can attack you.
    if you don't opt-in, you won't be able to attack any one, but others will be able to attack you, titans or may be below, same as current system is.

    So overall, if you're in titan, you can attack other titans and non opted legends.
    Once you reach legends, you've to either opt-in to continue gain trophy, or you'll be thrown out of legends by defences.

    I have assumed that non-opted legends can be attacked by others, though they can not attack. And I strongly believe that it should be the case, they just can't sit at 5k with no attacks or defences, or I'll call that system flawed.

    Now if my assumption is right, then my question is, who can attack non-opted legends? Only titans or titans and opted legends both? My guess would be only titans since for opted legends, matching should be only among other opted legends, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TullSadum View Post
    Will there be a new magical item such as a shield potion that will grant a free 1 day shield ?
    Free shield? Though I really hope this to happen, I highly doubt this will ever happen. They might introduce something like that but it won't be free. If we get very luck, they might give something free, but then it will be very scarce or it'll be in gold pass rewards something like that.

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    Stays the season as is (4 weeks) or will it alligned to the season pass month base?

    Will it kick in with the next season start at 24

    There is an open topic about the changes in season bank and also if this has also an effect on season and clan game challenges

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    is there any possibility to change the attacks number in future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly01 View Post
    is there any possibility to change the attacks number in future?
    Darian said that their data indicated that 8 was a likely optimum number, but that they would review this over time and possibly increase or decrease the limit.

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    My Q - what does this mean for matchmaking for high Titans?

    Iím assuming (pls correct if wrong) that only legends will match legends in new world. This means high T1 can only match bases below them.

    This implies a push towards lower cup offers overall. This implies more attacks required to get into legends matchmaking, and so more attacks by folk wanting to get into legends and so congestion and clouds.

    Kind words and reassurances this has been thought about appreciated!

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    For example ,
    consider there are 100 legend league player,
    One day total attack was done 500 attacks, few of them did 8 attack and few did less than that 2,3,5 etc.
    And for example I did 4 attack.
    Now my question is now how many defend each base has to do??
    1) 500/100=5
    2) depends on number of attacks u did means 4 attack u did and u will defend 4
    3) randomly may be 8 or 2 or 3 or anything??

    Plz reply this question, I read all comments ,but no one asked this.

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    I don't understand question about hero, when SC talk about a "snapshot" of base for defense....this mean ... after the 8 attacks.. my hero will be regen and i use for war?


    I need to wait the 8 defence?
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    Can we get more loot attacks please?
    why cant we fill up the storages in one day?
    Can u please make an option to get more loot when u finished your 8 attacks ?

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    Will Darian get 5min to sit and relax anytime soon?
    COC: Working on TH12 Clash Profile

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