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    Unless I missed something, is anyone else finding out that winning a defense in legends results in the loss of trophies. For example, my defense prevented 0 stars 46% damage but I lost 4 trophies anyway. Shouldn't I be winning trophies?

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    Question about defense troops in legend league day

    My doubt is

    First legend league day for example i choose and set 2 max dragons in clan castle for defense. System snapshot my defense base layout together with cc max dragons and it will defend my base.
    Second league day or third league day and so on and so forth if i do not change or do not choose or do not set or alter anything (both defense layout as well as cc) then whether those 2 max dragons will keep defending my base for 2nd and 3rd and 4th league days continously or i have to request someone in my clan to donate max dragons every league day before it starts

    Please reply
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    Where is the loot stored on the base? Storages, th, collectors?

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    Trophies lost for defensive wins 🤨

    I win a defense in the new Legends daily matches with a zero star 49% but I still lose trophies??? Iíll be stuck in the same bracketed trophy range if this is the case! Needs to be fixed or explained to the players.

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    24h wait to set a new base as active for the next day?

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    Why is there a 24h timer on new legend league bases?

    I know that the 24h timer for friendly challenges is because of clan war but what is the reason to have this in legend league?

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    This is honestly my only issue with this update. Though, imo, it’s a very big issue. I understand the reasoning for not being able to challenge for 24 hours, but not being able to change your own defensive base for 24+ hours just doesn’t make sense.

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    Is this intended? Cannot change defensive layout

    I canít even change my Legend League defensive layout for one day after modifying it, basically the same as friendly challenges work. Is this intended? I donít see why theyíd have that as it doesnít provide any sort of advantage since it doesnít take effect until the next League day anyway.

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    While that's awesome, I don't really see the point in even having to ask your clan for troops at the beginning of the season. Why can't we pick exactly what we want in our cc instead of having to rely on our clan to have high level troops etc. And I understand it used to be you had to ask for every time but they changed the system so why can't I get exactly what I want in my cc. I should not be punished for being in a bad clan.
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    Legend Reset Question

    So the season end is in a few days, and I have a question about what will happen in the reset.

    In the olden days, I would dismiss whatever shield/guard I have before I go to bed, so I take my last defense of the season hours before it resets. Wake up the next morning with a shield and badgeless at 5000 cups. Try to get just 1 raid in before shield/guard ends so I'm back in legends before taking my first defense again.

    With the new legend league, I don't have a shield. No amount of defending grants me a shield.

    So at the season reset, when I go to 5000 cups, and am forced out of the legend league, I'll be back in the general matchmaking pool. Shieldless. At 5000 cups.

    I'm asleep when this happens. So chances are pretty good I'll be a whale for a Titan. Will I have a defending cc? Or will everyone in legends league be given an automatic shield at the reset, so not to lose cups during the transition period?

    Last thing we need are former legends to get hit by a Titan for -50 cups and start the new season at 4950, instead of 5000, needing to find whales ourselves to get back to 5000, and missing out on some of our 8 attacks being prorated due to opting in later in the day.

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