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    Will you consider adopting this as a trophy track possibility for all players? When you removed TH sniping you said protecting your loot was an integral part of the game. Now at the highest levels of the game you are saying the opposite. The casual players in my clan used the TH snipe to create a world similar to the one you now have in Legends. So will you expand this new clash of clans philosophy to all players?

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    Would it be possible to opt out of legends, discard your shield, and be attacked more than 8 times?

    Reference this from question on sticky

    If I choose not to opt in to the Legend League, can I continue to play normally?

    • Once you hit 5000 Trophies, you must opt in if you wish to perform attacks. Not opting in removes you from the attack pool of Legend League. You cannot attack without signing up. But before you sign up you will take defenses when offline unless you're shielded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red777 View Post
    How does loot calculate on an attack? I see what a 3 star attack does on a max base. But what about less stars and less percentage on a non-max base? If the formula is too complicated please give a couple examples so we can understand the range.
    How about some examples of loot for bases (if it is toed to war weight exactly? Or not?) and also where is the loot stored in a base? is any in mines drills, or all in storages?

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    Will we be able to choose our war layouts for defense, or will we have to use our farming layouts?

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    Since upgrading heroes will be available to defend like in clan wars, can the same be said about defenses that are being upgraded as well?

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    So if I have 8 set bases to attack each day, does that mean that there will be 8 other legend players out there with my base as one of their attack options?

    If so, is there any possibility that none of them decide to attack me and I end the day making 8 attacks and not being attacked at all?

    I know this is unlikely, I would just like to know if it is a possibility.

    Assuming that on the flip side, If I don't make any attacks then that would mean that 8 other legend players were only attacked a maximum of 7 times that day?
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    Will the new legends league start when the update drops or after the current season?

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    My question is will I be put in legends if I get there in the middle of the day. You are matched with bases at the beginning of each league day. However, if I push up from titans and get to legends in the middle of the day and opt in, will I be able to attack or will I have to either drop or wait until the next day?

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    Will this update be compatible with the Android Q beta on Android?

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    If I win a defense I get 0 trophies or close to it (0+1 trophy per 10% points if I remember the tiers correctly)? So there is no risk in raiding (I canít lose cups on just offense) and no reward in defending (I win few for 0 stars).

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