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    I would like to propose an idea based on chatting. We all know that global and clan chat is an essential part of playing clash of clans. In global chat we can send friend requests to each other, but this function has no other purpose. So I would like to add a direct messaging system where you can have private chats with your friends. Sure some people may abuse it with dirty language and inappropriate content but at least it would filter out of clans and global chat. Also their words would be censored. This also allows you to have communication with your friends who may have helped you in global chat.
    Also I would like a function that could turn off clan and global chat. This would keep the little kids away from global chat and Iím sure parents that donít agree with talking online to strangers would let their kids play. Back in 2013 I was young and I got in trouble for talking to strangers on clash of clans. I would have liked a function to turn off chat.
    I realize that turning off chat would affect the clan so if you are in a clan you wonít be able to turn off clan chat but you can turn off global chat. And when you are not in a clan you can turn off both chats.
    Thank you for reading and I hope you can help implement this idea into clash of clans.


    Clash on!

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    Thats good idea for frienda chat...

    but I donf agree with off chats...

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    Please search here as this topic has been covered ad nauseum as to why it's not likely to happen.

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