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Thread: New troop for builder base.

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    New troop for builder base.

    In the video 2 years ago we saw a hog rider and a wizard traveling for the island...
    So after the hog rider the next troop should be the wizard and since the builder base is based on technology I think it would be a great idea to introduce the electro wizard from Clash Royal in the builder base. And in place of its ability they can introduce us with the stun features on every hit which unlocks at lvl 2 and when killed it will stun any machine(not archer towers) in the radius like a emp blast. I know it's not a new troop like the gliding hog rider the idea just hit me while playing clash royal.

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    I wonder if they will aim to keep the Builder Base side of the game more healthy with regular smaller updates to it! I think this idea would plausibly work, and definitely please some supercell fans, however some on the forum seem to be saying supercell may be more inclined to lean towards creating 'new' rather than adapting cross- game ��

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    The idea of an electro wizard looks great, but i have another idea... the golem! And his ability should be to reflect a certain percent of the damage that defenses do to it. The builder base golem should have less hitpoints than a regular golem.

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    i would think that they if they will put it in the game, they will probably do it at an BH10 or a normal village update, maybe for the lower TH ???

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    I think Bh10 will be released next year around Christmas 2021. The new troop will be wizard this time. Instead of attacking, he will be a support troop. He throws enchanted potion on troops (within his radius range) that increases health and damage in short amount of time. If there is no troop present near his radius range, then he will throw electric/earthquake potion on buildings.

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