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Thread: Am I missing something?

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    They did say solo players can use this feature, so it can’t require neighbor participation. My guess is that it can be helped or combined with a global stranger, sort of how you flag helps now.

    The second tab on that fuel dialog box is probably going to tell you what truck orders need/can be filled by the new buildings. Sort of like our current truck board does now, only it will yield these tokens AND you can’t just hit send you need to have enough gas to get there.
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    I agree with BostonGirl - there really isnít much to say

    Quote Originally Posted by milomilomilo View Post

    As much as many of us like to talk about things we really know nothing about, there is so little actual information here that any discussion would just be mindless idle speculation. (Not that I'm against mindless idle speculation-it is often the most amusing.)
    ...and with milomilomilo (do you live in NZ?). Mindless speculation IS fun, but I think we still need a bit more to go on...

    SC have really made this out to be HUGE, which personally I think is a bit of a I donít think anything they could deliver would live up to the hype. But Iím still hopeful itíll be fun. Too many updates later though, Iím far more realistic these days and, sadly, FAR LESS excited than I used to be...certainly the sanctuary was a complete let down after the hype and tedious to get the PPís.

    Still, despite being MIRE realistic than I used to be Iím still essentially an optimist, so Iím looking forward to the update. Iím surprised sneak peeks havenít started today for an update next eeek. Bring on the hype and excited buzz to the Forum..IF they remember to drop the sneak peeks into the FORUM and not just SM, of course!

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    Have to agree with the others that there is not much to go off at this point.

    From what it sounds, a global market where personal trucks are used to gather and offload goods, much like a Farmer's Market. If you are unfamiliar with an American farmer's market, essentially it is a popup market where vendors bring local goods for sale and are usually open a couple days a week.

    So, it sounds as though it will require energy (fuel) to arrive to the market. You are given free energy through a spin (the frequency of the spin has yet to be determined). Likely, you will be able to purchase additional fuel using diamonds much like you can speed up boat arrival times or speed up truck order regeneration time.

    Rather than coins, we will get tokens (like an arcade) where we can trade in tokens for prizes.

    So, that's my speculation. An arcade style global farmer's market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Llylis View Post
    So. We finally get to know what the long awaited new feature is and yet I can't find any player comments here.

    Am I the last person standing? Has everyone migrated to discord? Or have we waited doing we have lost interest?

    Maybe the reality doesn't match the hype?

    For my part, I'm looking forward to something new and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the event truck is turbo charged. 

    As the others are saying here, there really isn't much to go on yet and it's all just speculation at this point. But sadly, I don't get excited about their updates anymore. they always say they're going to be huge or eggsciting, but I'm usually just let down, as are many other long time players that I know. Many have even stopped posting on the forum because theyve given up and feel like supercell rarely listens and nothing ever changes. Don't know how many have noticed but the forum is a lot quieter these days and no, it's not just because of discord.
    In my opinion, I would've liked to have seen team hayday use all this time to work hard at fixing many of the current issues/glitches, rather than working on some whole new area of the game. There are glitches in the town, for example, that have been going on for over 6 months, so I have been opting out of derby alot because it's just too frustrating and they can't seem to fix it. So, while I love this game and want to be excited about the big update, I just can't bring myself to do so
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    Agreed, Angelina. The tumbleweeds are blowing in the wind ... Feels like the last stage coach left the forum a couple of months ago.

    Another selling market, hmm. We will have to see. I thought we already had one of those --called the town?

    But then again the town is now serviced by a malfunctioning personal train and has been bug-ridden with townies who disappear after being picked up or who do not register that they have been served even after supplies are removed from barn storage.

    Hope the new town is better than the old one.
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