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Thread: Th12 look for relaxed adult clan.

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    Virtus Confederates Recruiting Warriors for Alliance



    We offer a clan for anyone

    50vs events

    League Play

    Active social

    Team work

    Looking for players that need a clan. We have 20plus to choose from

    Join our discord today


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    If you're still looking for a clan, consider Beer Pandas (Lv15/M3 - #Q9RJJR0).

    We're a fun, engaged war clan, with members in US and EMEA. We win our share of wars, but we understand that war isn't everything and people have real lives.

    We are looking for a few, non-rushed TH11s and Th12s, who are eager to compete in regular wars, CWL and clan games.

    We do regular wars twice a week (15v and 20v) - opt in, when you can...opt out, when you can't. In CWL, we run 30v with an even distribution of th12s, TH11s, and th10s.

    In Clan Games, we've maxed EVERY clan games event and regularly exceed 100K.

    If you like what you see and want to join, mention "Wayneman " in your request.

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    ⛎⛎The Phi Family is looking for new members!⛎⛎

    (1) Phi (level 18) (#YYQQ09): 579+ war wins | Champion League 3
    (2) Iron Giants (level 17) (#9GY0GC82): 406+ war wins | Crystal League 1
    (3) ATX WOLVES (level 16) (#8PJGJUQG): 420+ war wins | Crystal League 2

    About Us:
    ⛎International Members
    ⛎B2B Wars
    ⛎Part of the Elite Nation
    ⛎Team Player family friendly, fun and supportive
    ⛎Adult Clan No kids / drama
    ⛎Fair Play - No mod / engineering / rushed / .5
    ⛎Clan Game - Max

    Looking for:
    ANY town hall level
    ⚡Use both attacks

    Join us on Discord for more information:

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    If you're still looking, we're presently looking to add long term MID-th10+ to our clan and would like you to take a look. I think we've found a good game/life balance.

    We max clan games, US based and also have Canadian and UK members. We compete in masters 3.

    Here is more information on our clan and what we’re looking for. Take a look and if you think we're a fit please stop by:


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    Check out Dreamvillians (#R8Q0PG0J).

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    Hi i am the leader of a new war clan that is growing rapidly and active we would love you as a addition!

    Code: #28RPQQR92
    Clan name: Hexarge Sanction

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    sounds like our clan is right up our alley. check us out if you're interested. send me a pm and I will invite you. clan description is below. Thanks

    AdultPrime (RELAXED LVL 13 ADULT CLAN)
    clan tag #L2CYQQJ8

    This clan is all about helping each other get to wherever it is we're going. Each member has their own quest.

    We're looking for somewhat mature adults who would like to join a relaxed level 13 clan looking to have some fun with no pressure. We've all been in a clan with high demands before but this clan is unlike most clans. We like to war twice a week but war is optional. If you want to war then opt in...if not then opt out. Its as simple as that.

    We like to focus on strategy and helping each other grow by donating. We have several generous donating members within clan. All we look for is effort in this clan, nothing more, nothing less.

    -If you opt in for war you must use both attacks, no exceptions

    -We look for effort with donations and effort during war. We war to win but if we don't, its not a big deal, we'll win the next one.

    -We look for participation with clan games. The more involved the easier it is to achieve our goal.

    -We are always helping each other get better.

    -Relax and have fun!! After all, this is only a game.

    If you're looking for a clan to chill and relax with, then we're the right clan for you. Come check us out.....we're a great group!! Send me a pm with a short description of what you are looking for with this clan as well as your member tag ID. Thanks and hope to see you there!

    Leader: ZEUS
    Co-Leaders: Saul Rosenberg, Jason 02, and Dan

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