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    i mean, if galadon is one of those people you need to get a new guy.. he was payed 15k to gem his base to th12 and has spent more money after that just to gem his was into the clouds LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaptain Kat View Post
    Nope I didnít miss his point I understood it quite well.

    I think the issue is that I skipped a step or two in my reply and people missed my point (judging by the number of reactions).

    So here goes.

    Lets say you have the gold pass in June and letís assume there are no upgrades or place to spend loot.
    So the seasonal bank pays out and your storages reach 37 million.
    Now you buy the gold pass again in July and begin raiding.

    Since you donít lose loot on defense and have little place to spend it on that 37 million gold is pretty much stuck other then the decreases of siege donations etc. But in July as you raid your new seasonal bank does not get filled anymore (unlike the current situation. So as long as your storages overflow whatever you raid doesnít get deposited in your seasonal bank. So it stays at 0 all throughout the month.
    So now at the end of July 0 is deposited into your storages. So no itís not possible to keep accumulating seasonal bank on to seasonal bank and the max you can ever hold will be full storages + 1 seasonal bank
    (not accounting for any loot you buy in special offers in the shop).

    now if you want to get a full seasonal bank again right before a future update you need to get a little creative. Make room into your storages so you can fill your bank again.
    But the season bank still tracks the loot you have raided even though you can't collect said loot in your storages. It has always been this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    You still take 8 defenses.
    Can you expand on how you're offered up for defenses? Is it that you're assigned a pool of 8 bases you can attack, and you either use them or not (while obviously only seeing 1 at a time). Or is it a queue where you just fill in your offer when someone attacks?

    Specifically, when you say "you still take 8 defenses". Can I be offered up 8 times before someone else is offered up 4 times based on luck and when people who are assigned my base may attack? Or is it a big repeating queue where nobody is going to be offered up for the 5th time until everyone is offered up for the 4th time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shepherdgirl View Post
    it would be nice to be able to have two or three distinct armies trained, and be able to pick which our attacking army when the base is shown. At least two, air vs. ground for example, but three would be better.
    Ooo I do like this idea

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattyboo1 View Post
    Yes thatís what great! I hope they will consider increasing the loot available in Legends but even under the initial numbers, us currently maxed players should be able to have the new update maxed before the fall content release
    If you have everything maxEd already, maxing the new stuff should quick anyway.
    Especially if you have your storages, CC and collectors are filled completely up.

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    This sounds like a great change I'm looking forward to trying it.

    I see some people saying 8 attacks per day is to little. Personally, I see trying to do 8 attacks a day for a whole season as a little too much. I'd need to try it 1st but maybe later you could add a few complimentary shields each season to give us a couple of days break. Also I think you could allow people to choose the number of attacks/defenses they want to make each day. Say between 4 and 10 and then you commit to that for the whole season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    You still take 8 defenses.
    Can you please tell how long it takes per defense ? not must excet number, just if it like all at once, 1 per few hours or something else, to know how long we have to decide if we want to change our base layout

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    The new system seems good, and i think this solution will suit a lot of players, but I think I personally will be dropping from Legend after this season... I prefer the game at lower leagues and enjoy the social aspects of Clash more than the trophies ;

    I pushed last season incase the system changed entirely and Legend trophies became a thing of the past ; I figured with a drastic enough change there could be a new replacement to mark the change ; ie. Legend Stars or something, same purpose but marks the era change.

    I think with the new season it would be easier to get into a habit of 'do 8 hits, log off, repeat' rather than keep hitting and donating to clan throughout the day.

    - personally I am not a huge fan of the locked loot amounts, but maybe Legend shouldn't be a place for people wanting loot anyway.
    it might encourage max players to head up, and others to farm to max before looking to join? although... soon I'll be max again so idk ��

    QUESTION ; if you get 8 x 2 stars, and lose 8 x 2 star defences with similar % both ways do you end the day on roughly 0 trophies?

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    If you drop below 4.9k during the day but still have attacks left do you get dropped out of the opt in, or does it do that at the end of a league day?
    Long time player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TullSadum View Post
    I hate the fact, that itĎs a certain number of attacks per day, because I do not have time to do 8 attacks per day on weekends, while IĎd be perfectly capable of doing 20 per day during the week.

    I fear that I will fall behind, every weekend a bit more. Is there a solution for that?

    Have Fun
    What about a bedtime boost on weekends? I believe most legends players have lives that they fit legends into. Wonít most have such conflicts? Surely some will get every attack each day of the month. Many more will not I think.
    Quote Originally Posted by Warios View Post
    If they could implement a family clan feature, allowing movement between2 clans without the leave and get accepted system.
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    We WOULD like to create some kind of "social network" to provide support systems to Clan families. It's been something on the discussion table before, but hasn't really moved beyond that.

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