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    A better approach might be to allow a maximum of 8 attacks per day, with a defend for each attack taken, with a minimum of 2. If you can’t attack over the weekend, you’d only lose 4 defends without buying shields for the 2 days. If you can only attack 4 times, you defend 4 times. Pool remains static as long as we stay at 1/1.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SyMi View Post
    Purchasing shield? What kind of new money grab is this?
    This has been in the game since the early beginnings.

    Thank you! ClashOfHolmes for an awesome sig!

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    Is there a contingency for clouds rolling down to Titans & Champs after the update?

    On a lighter note, with the irrelevance of losing loot on defenses, legends could become a great training ground for war attacks - as everyone can start using their war bases, as well as higher possibilities of full defense cc's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDragonD View Post
    This is the problem, you now begin to understand what i am saying... the "fix" is not fixing, it limiting. Those who will live under its limitations will feel fixed those who are not... well as you said, not everyone get what they want.
    Calling it a fix is like saying "we have a broken door, now we fixed it, but its still broken as long as you wont open it, it will be fixed"

    and once again, it won't be mainly ability and strength... a simple spam for 2 stars 8 times a day will always get you more trophies that a perfect 3 star 3 times a day.

    2 start 50% gets you 16, so 8 of those will get you 128, 3 perfect attacks will get you 120.
    Who is better, the one who can do 3 perfect attacks or an edrags spammer who gets 50% 2 star?

    For 2 stars you'll get 16 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 3% DP above 50%
    For 3 stars you'll get 40 trophies
    The level you have to actually attack is minimal at 8. That's like saying "who is the best basketball player, the guy who shoots 1 time per game and makes a 3 pointer each time? Or the guy who shoots 50 times per game and makes 90% of them? It's the guy who shoots 50 times per game even though he's clearly shooting a lower % each time.

    So they've now changed that system and said "Ok, no more shooting 50 times, you can shoot 5 now". If the first person still refuses to take even 5 very simple shots, there's not much you can do to force someone to take a minimal effort.

    It's STILL primarily skill and strength based. There is a minor influence of luck, and a major influence of needing to cross a very simple, low barrier of entry. That's still MAINLY ability and strength given how low that entry barrier is. Just like pretty much every competition has, there's a minor barrier to entry to be considered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnyxDS View Post
    None. Legends league is not about farming, it's about competition.
    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHowlet View Post
    The same rewards there are now. I'm not sure why you think there needs to be rewards, if you don't like it don't do it.
    Quote Originally Posted by GodlyMortal View Post
    Imagine thinking there has to be farming incentives for a leagues that was only intended for trophy pushing.
    pause the video at 1:15 & read the "note"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Culpepper1985 View Post
    3) The social aspect of the game, which no one is talking about. There are two types of true hardcore "gamers" in clash; we all know this. War and Push. .
    I disagree. Pushing up the trophy ladder has been broken and obsolete, since the dawn of Clash. While I can concede that bans for piloting have helped with the integrity of trophy pushing, pushing is and always has been about the ability to remain online.
    It has never had anything to do with skill or being 'hardcore'.

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    Isn't this exactly what's meant to be discussed in the sticky? Poor mods are moving threads left and right already....

    'rumours' are confirmed or checked in that thread too ... and as for your question. The bases WILL be actual people's basis... but a 'snapshot' of the base, since the owner might be online and attacking themselves. It's quite clearly explained, in that same sticky I just referred to ... it's at the top of the page....

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzhanMwc View Post
    Many clashers wont accept '8 raids' as they are pushing to legens league from below legend..

    But as a legend league player , I believe that 8 attack is a much bigger deal (In old times or present time , wait time of morethan 4 hours or more)..

    Anyways supercell... Yo AWESOME🤩🤩⚡⚡
    the 8 attacks per day are only for legend league, lower leagues can still attack as often as they wish

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    Seems solid overall. I have 2 concerns at first blush:

    1) the attack cap (8) seems rather low for anyone who actually wants to farm
    2) the loot per base seems -really- low given the difficulty of the bases we will be facing (a -max- TH12 only gives 450/550/6.5k, and then only at 100% destruction?). I realize you get a league bonus, but that seems to be off by at least 50% or maybe 100%. Watching Galadon's video, the average loot seems to be in the 200k range.

    (and I do see the caveat ... "oh you won't be losing loot...", but the loot you lose is basically one attack's worth - negligible overall)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Itsjusmac View Post
    from what's been said your base is a screen shot , and each day you'll be allocated 8 players screen shot bases u can attack , I'm suggesting giving us the option to next through these as other leagues let you next
    That then would reward players who sit online all day hitting next over and over until they find 8 easy bases.

    Quote Originally Posted by SyMi View Post
    For over a year I used to hang out at lower legends where I managed to get a vase every 15 minutes at max, I used to hate clouds but now I am gonna miss clouds, I farmed my entire townhall 11 and 12 at legends and mow you are telling me I can't farm because I only have 8 attacks a day? You are just telling me I must drop cups and we are about to have a new 20 levels of heroes.
    What kind of mentality those devs have?
    I also have an account that farms in low legends, losing on purpose to stay low. It won't be much different for me if I do the same thing in Titans. I will have to test it out to see if the loot is better in titans or legends. Not losing loot on defense is a big plus for the new legends.

    Quote Originally Posted by Armageddon3223 View Post
    I was just thinking. Won't attacking 8 times and defending 8 times keep us roughly at the same trophy range? 樂

    Those who rise up in trophies will be mostly the ones who get lucky and don't get attacked 8 times (considering they do attack 8 times ofc)
    Attacking and defending 8 times per day would keep you steady for trophies if you are average. If you are above average you climb and if below average you drop. The question of how many times we will get attacked each day is a good one, though. I assume it is capped at 8, but we won't always get attacked 8 times?

    Quote Originally Posted by wshchzhq View Post
    Nice update! Hail supercell! Few questions from me:

    1. How do we lose trophies at legendary league? From both attacks (failure) and defenses (failure). Do we gain trophies from successful defense?

    2. Do we still get legendary loot bonus?

    3. Will we lose loot EVER in the new legendary league?

    4. So we cannot match up with anyone in Titan leagues once we sign up? (Great!)

    5. ANNNND, when will this update be online????
    You don't lose trophies on attacks, but you do lose trophies on defense. Yes there is still a loot bonus. It sounds like we do not lose loot in legends. We would not match a titan. They didn't release the update date yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by BlackDragonD View Post
    a simple spam for 2 stars 8 times a day will always get you more trophies that a perfect 3 star 3 times a day.

    2 start 50% gets you 16, so 8 of those will get you 128, 3 perfect attacks will get you 120.
    Who is better, the one who can do 3 perfect attacks or an edrags spammer who gets 50% 2 star?

    For 2 stars you'll get 16 trophies + 1 trophy for each full 3% DP above 50%
    For 3 stars you'll get 40 trophies
    Yes, activity is a factor, but so is skill. The simple spam 8 attacks per day person will not keep up with the highly skilled 8 attacks per day person.


    1) Can't farm in legends anymore? That is a bold can't even semi farm in legends. Per the calculations seen in earlier replies you can't even do ONE WALL upgrade per day (for max walls).

    Did you calculate the loot won on the attack plus the bonus plus not ever losing any loot on defense?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mandurang View Post
    You will certainly will not be attacked 8 times a day as not all players in Legend will use all 8 attacks. So if the average number of attacks per player will be 5... the average number of defences will be 5.
    This is a good question. I wonder how that will be evened out. I hope we don't have some players taking 8 defenses per day and others taking 2. I hope the system is set up such that everyone takes a defense that day before it rotates through to have people start taking defense #2.
    Contact SC here. Click here to see how trophies are calculated. I'm still thinking starting the "new" legends at Legends2 at 5500 and having Legends3 be for 5000-5499 would be good (with season resets to 5000 and 5500 depending on your trophies at season end) but overall I LOVE the Legends change. Thanks SC.

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