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Thread: Golem Boost

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    Golem Boost

    Good Day

    I hope I don't get any flames for this, but I wonder if Supercell should consider giving the Golem a 2x damage boost against walls? It wouldn't be too much of a game-breaker but it would help make the Golem a tad more useful in battle.

    Right now, Pekka dwarves it in everything but defensive pathfinding and HP. However, even with Jump Spells and EQ, these Golems often end up doing nothing but fighting walls, really, while everyone else moves ahead.

    Thanks for reading.

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    The Golem main purpose is to take damage so your other troops don't, that's why it has high hp and to balance it out it does low damage. The Wall Breaker is a troop that does bonus damage to walls or if you are at a higher Town Hall, you can use a Siege Machine to break open walls.

    Try to scout out the area and open up areas you believe your Golem will go so it doesn't get left behind.

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