kick ♥♥♥ usa #9VQYY2J8 looking for TH8 and up

Hi all, were a group of friends that recently started playing again and we need some clanmates to help us out! Were a level 16 war clan and we need more members to get us into winning form again. At the moment were looking for active and loyal TH8 and up clanmates that we can trust on to get their warhits in. Weve got al the troops you need and weve got them maxed out as well! Any advice needed on your hits? Feel free to ask!

Currently 423-236 and crystal 3 in our war stats, we would like to better these stats! Clangames always get maxed, 1k points minimum or dont get any at all. Use both hits in the war and donate what is asked. Elder or co is earned through loyalty and activity.

So looking for a clan and max TH8 or up? Make sure to check us out, hope to see you join us soon!