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Thread: Can someone give me some insight on mass miners attack ?

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    Can someone give me some insight on mass miners attack ?

    As the title says I need to know the basics of mass miners farming attack for th10.
    Is there specific layouts i need to avoid ? Key defensive buildings I need to target ? Specific places for heal ?
    I tried the attack multiple times but I don't really get to get deep into the base even th9 bases.
    Granted I have both my heroes upgrading atm and only lvl2 miners but I feel im executing the attack wrong ?
    Also i don't use cc every single attack since i don't want to annoy my clan for every farming attack :/

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    Almost need them to be L3 for TH10 (maxed).
    if you are not doing mass then consider a small kill squad and a cpl of Zap drags (few Babies maybe?) to funnel the sides down then send the pack in toward the middle with a Wrecker, or Stoner.

    with Heals, you want to cover as many structures as you can in the Miners path. I spread my Miners wide so they cause their own distractions while they clean up. you can hold the Heals longer than you may think. the point defs can only shoot down one at a time. so keep an eye on the overall health of the pack. when they start getting red with a big group then drop a Heal on them to get them out of the red HP zones.

    I always have 4 Healers in tow for my AQ, then some beef like a PEKKA or two, and I always have 2 Witches ( it works for me at TH12). I usually take 3 Heal 2 each Freeze and Skelly and one Poison.
    for troops I take 4 Healer 2 each PEKKA and Witch. and 25 Miners. (again for TH12) I call it MinerWiPe. in the CC I take a Rage and usually a PEKKA and an Icey. or a Golem and Baby. usually with a Wrecker.
    so you need to scale it back for TH10.

    Something to think about.

    Funnel the edges with a few troops so the main target is right in line and no distractions get in the way.
    Spread the Miners a bit so they form a wall of destruction (keep an eye out for high HP structures that will stall them out some)
    keep a freeze or two for WTs or Mulit ITs (fwiw I take a Skelly too to distract the splash) and one Poison for those pesky Skelly traps!


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    Level 2 miners are going to be weak so your starting off underpowered, once you get them to 3 things will get better.

    Tips would be: save heals for splash defenses and multi inferno towers. Take more than 1 poison and keep a eye out for skeleton traps and drop that poison on them as fast as you can. Use baby dragons on the edges to keep miners from going outside the base. Don't bother with rage on the miners, your better off with heals.

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    Use the heal spells when your Miners are in range of Wizard Towers, as they can quickly wipe out your army. If your heroes are upgrading and you only have lvl 2 Miners, stick to dead and weaker bases.

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