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Thread: TH war weight?

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    TH war weight?

    I just thought about something. Wouldnt it make sense to upgrade to th11 (currently th8.5)? I know it sounds ridiculous but imagine: you get a lot of additional hp on the th, additional storages (also lots of hp), bigger cc and bigger camps. if I still upgraded defenses/troops in the correct order I should stay at th 8.5, then 9, then 9.5 etc. war weight, right? I know I would get less loot from raiding, but looking exclusively at war, wouldnt that make lots of sense? Or did I miss something and the TH adds to the weight? It shouldnt, because otherwise bases like mi7sen2.0 shouldnt work regarding war weight right? Ill propably not do it anyways, just thought about it. also you could built all air defenses straight away, (to the current level, not max) to make any air attacks impossible as ads add very little to war weight from my understanding...

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    I certainly wouldnt just jump to 11. Especially if you are talking about war. Th10 and up, heroes matter A LOT in war. So if you are jumping to th11 from th9, you will have to drop everything. So that means you will HAVE to have 3 xbows and 2 infernos.

    Its just not worth it. Not unless you want to have to drop to the middle of the map to get a 3*. Because you sure wont be 3 starring legit th10 bases muchless th11 ones. So unless you want to be in the top end of your sidw while having to attack the middle/bottom of the opponents side, i sure wouldnt suggest doing that.

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