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Thread: TH12 when to Upgrade?

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    TH12 when to Upgrade?

    I know you guys have heard this question about thousand time but i gotta ask because i dont seem to find many topics on this subject and not a lot of opinions on the matter. So here it goes.

    I am currently at Th11 with all defenses maxed out. My Heroes are K42/Q47/W20. Walls lvl 11 221. I Still have some troop and spells that needs maxed out (valks lvl 5, Witch lvl 3, Poison lvl 4, clone lvl 3).

    Question is..should i maxed out my heroes plus walls and the few troops left before upgrading to th12? or Should i go a head and up to th12?

    **please honest opinions and points of views**
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    I think people worry far too much about base progression when deciding to upgrade. The real question is are you comfortable using the tools that have been given to you at th11 and all the pre-requisite town halls?

    Siege Machines?
    Multiple war comps?
    Are you farming effectively against the next th level?

    If you can use all these tools well, at your current th then you will most likely fare well heading into the next townhall as well.

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    Might as well, you are pretty close. Provided you have not yet got the free silver pass book of heroes, you should be able to max your Queen before you your town hall finishes. You should also be able to knock out a lab upgrade (I would go with the Witches)

    While your town hall is upgrading you should also be able to get a couple more levels on your King and you will be able to put a nice dent into walls depending on how much you farm.

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    You are closed to being a maxed 11 aside from walls.If I were you I would max my TH before upgarding to 12.

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    Upgrade now !! Don’t worry about maxing . Farming at th12 is quite easy . I suggest to lavaloon for elixer . Max camp , warden first. After that, use digger for dark elixer.

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