Hey! Banja Happy is a friendly English speaking very competitive derby playing hood! We currently have 12 members, and our stats are as followed:

29 gold cups
10 silver cups
6 bronze cups

We're desperate for our hood to grow with some members who love the derby! As we always aim for gold this does mean that you are required to be very fast (we usually finish derby the first day, second day max), and are able to do all tasks including 10th at 320/400. We've found it hard to find other members who can play at this level so I'm hoping that writing here will help source like-minded players! If you feel this is the hood for you and you're tired of being in a hood that doesn't compete for gold seriously then come join us! We use KIK (instant messaging app) for communication for derbies such as blossom (which we always win gold in as we have a great technique) etc, so you will need to be able to download the app also (it's free!). Hope to see some new members join us - our tag is #9JG908YV and we are called Banja Happy.

Happy farming!
-CoLeader of Banja Happy