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    Exclamation ** - Recruiting for Obey Legion - **

    Hello fellow fighters.
    Recently I started a new Clan named "Obey Legion", It's a Semi-Serious C-O-C Clan.
    Currently it only features a few Members, are we're looking to expand into something much bigger.

    We require:
    Daily, active Players.
    MUST: Have at-least 200 Trophies on both Islands. (Requirement)
    MUST: Commit to the Clan, and follow the Brother-Hood Code.

    We would like all Players to Understand the Following:
    If you request reinforcements from the Clan, and the Clan fulfill that Request, we expect our Members to return the Favor when another Member of our Clan requests for Help.
    You're all welcome to take as much as possible out of our Treasury whenever you need a helping hand.

    Please Note:
    If you're caught not returning the favor to fellow Clan Members and/or not following our Brother-Hood code you will be instantly expelled from our Clan.
    If you're caught slacking in Activity, and haven't been online for 2 straight weeks you will be removed from the Clan to make room for someone else.
    If you're caught taking from the Treasury but not competing in Clan Wars with us, then you will be warned, if the issue persists then you will be asked to leave.

    Clan Wars:

    We usually compete in Clan Wars 2x a week.
    This is a New Clan, and so we're starting from the beginning.
    However, hopefully if we can gather more Member then we will start competing and earning Clan Rewards and Perks for everyone to enjoy!

    That's all I have to say, I'm really hoping to see some of you Amazing People inside of my Clan.
    I'll ensure to treat each and everyone of you with Respect and Love if you're giving the same treatment to myself.

    How to Join:

    Either search "Obey Legion" and look for someone as a Leader named "iiPyZx" in-game.
    Simply use this Hashtag: #22RY8CO8V

    I'd really Appreciate if we could get as many experienced and active Players as possible to help me launch this Clan from the bottom, I need a really big helping hand and that's why I'm asking here on Nulled.
    It'd truly mean a lot to me if anyone could be willing to help me out on Clan Wars and to expand my Clan.

    Thanks a bunch!
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