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Thread: Does anyone have a good strategy for a th10 war attack?

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    Does anyone have a good strategy for a th10 war attack?

    Hey I'm looking for a new th10 war attack so I can work on. I almost got everything max for th10 only a few dark spells and gobold. And its doesnt matter what for troops I need to use.

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    I like to use hogs ,especially against those island bases (key :-Use Siege Machine + Heroes and some bowlers as kill squad to start the attack) . Queen walk with miners is also an army suitable for both farming and Warring . If you are looking for something easy to use and OP , go for the GiBoWitch . Even TH11s can be wrecked so much or even 3 starred using this one .

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    You could use the no witch or frozen witch combined with bat spell

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    Bowler + Healer was king when I was a 10. Was king all through 11 and is king now that I've recently hit 12.

    Would suggest at least playing with it.
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