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Thread: 🏅BERSATU 🏅 80+ Wins 🏅 Level 9 Chill War Clan 🏅TH7+ 🏅Looking To Teach Players

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    🏅BERSATU 🏅 80+ Wins 🏅 Level 9 Chill War Clan 🏅TH7+ 🏅Looking To Teach Players


    Clan: #RRGGRU88 Discord: Wins: 80+ Password: Supercell

    About Us
    We are a chilled out english speaking war clan based worldwide. We run two or three wars weekly depending on how many people are keen and like to follow specific strategies to ensure that we get as many stars as possible. Our main goal is to teach our members and help them improve their skills so that they can get the most out of the game. We also understand our members have lives, which is why it is fine to opt out of war, no questions asked, when things are getting a bit busy IRL.


    • Mature & Positive Attitude
    • Town Hall 7 or Above
    • Non Rushed Base
    • Will To Listen, Learn & Improve
    • Enjoy Banter & Jokes
    • Always Uses Their Attacks In Wars They Have Opted Into


    • Stay active & always use both attacks in war / CWL.
    • Follow our war strategy.
    • Discuss your plans in chat before attacking in war / CWL.
    • Listen to leadership / people with higher game knowledge than you.
    • No racism, sexism or anything highly offensive.
    • Keep swearing to a minimum.
    • No abusing other members.
    • Donate roughly as much as you recieve.
    • Donate what players have requested, especially for war.
    • Always aim for three stars with your attacks in war / CWL.
    • Always bring full army and clan castle into war.
    • Never end attacks early during war.
    • Use only english in the chat.
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    New Bloke/Chick
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    sent request,
    Hope you guys can help.

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    Shouldn't be a problem bud.

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    Bumperino mate.

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