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    The DE Darian.. I mean DRAIN

    I really hope there is something in the update to address the DE Drain. I am so tired of holding FULL STORAGES, FULL TREASURY, FULL LOOT CART, FULL COLLECTORS and watching 480,000+ DE Drain down to nothing. Add to that the 6,000, 7,000 or 9,000 DE i get from Raids that can't be retained! Worse still, I can't use the DE bonuses on the Path, can't use the DE RUNES... kind of think you are missing an opportunity here.. or at least devaluing the Gold Pass...

    All you need to do is allow DE on Top two levels of Walls.. solved.. I mean there are more complicated options like being able to donate to other clan members - or even a common clan storage... but I don't want to stress your Developers out.

    YA YA.. new hero levels will eliminate this problem in July.. but it will be back again in August. Can you do something?


    OH.. Bonus complaint.. I am still SICK of 24 base cool down when I move and reposition my strong walls in the war base to block WW paths.. Seriously, swapping a level 12 wall for a level 13 wall requires a COOL DOWN?? Why can't I drag a wall piece on top of another wall piece and have them switch places like buldings do? ARRRGH.. all the little things, can't wait till they get addressed! (Did someone say collapsing troop bar???) I will stop now.
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    Using DE for walls is a ruled out idea. Please read the stickies before posting ideas.

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    I hope the suggestion about spending DE on walls never happens. It'd make wall grind too easy.
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    DE thing is ruled out but cooldown should definitely not be triggered by moving walls or traps.

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    If you followed the sneak peeks then you’d know that new hero levels, a golem level and dark spell levels are coming to sink DE into.

    As for using DE for walls, that’s ruled out as Darian explained the reasoning a while ago.

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