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    Im on the fence on this one. I have no delusions of SC actually implementing this, but in regards to what I would prefer...

    My main is max BH8 and has been for a couple months. Admittedly, my activity on him has been very low since max, outside of CGs and seasonal dailies (avg 1 hit a day), but I did go through a couple periods of high activity through BH8 (I’ve stopped and started “pushes” a few times). Over these sporadic periods of activity, I cant say I remember any 100% hits against max turrets (whether by me or my opponent). I do get ties occasionally and proceed to roll my eyes into the back of my head, but its not enough to be a problem, just annoying.

    Its a different story on my alt. Still a BH8, my alt is no where near max. I have a max GiCart army I use and so can put down a decent attack (need to get a max air comp), but most of my turrets are still lvl 5-6 (most big hitters are max - MM, GC, etc). In this, I really have to perform to get my wins on my alt and even then, its no guarantee (I hold my breath even after some 100% hits). I wouldnt necessarily say its a problem, but there are days where 3 wins takes a long time. This is really the main reason I havent pushed my alt. Again, not a problem per se, but it does keep me from wanting to play BH on my alt.

    I can see this from both sides. I will say that it only appears to be an “issue” in sub-max bases so there is a way out of it, but it does keep players from wanting to play. I dont think anything needs to change, but can definitely sympathize.

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    One thing I have noticed is that you are actually much better off rushing in builder base ; part of the reason people get this 100 / 100 problem is that they stay low to try and max out. Once I rushed and got the extra camp I found I was able to push to higher trophies and haven't had any real trouble since getting to 8. Below though I would draw with people who had maxxed multiple troops, even though I have only upgraded 3.

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