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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPekka View Post
    Time is definitely a value, but by giving the win to the fastes player, this will encourage more spams, instead if an actual strategy. You need to compete getting the highest stars and destruction, not the fastest attacker.
    I mean, stars would still be the first thing to determine the winner, then %, and then time. So, if you're running a slow attack that yields a high % 2 star consistently, that would be better than a fast spammy strategy that nets low % 2 stars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holps View Post
    This was far more of an issue in the early days. Now many have maxed Halls and defences a 100% tie is almost unheard of in my experience as defence is stronger than offence. As the bases grow in size the chances of ties reduces and I really don't think it is a nut that needs a sledgehammer.
    not everyone maxes tho (if you got a chance to read my previous post)

    if op wants to give me 29-31 cups per tie in my situation, i'll gladly hit 3k and finally collect the 1000 gems

    sure i'll get knocked back down again pretty quickly afterwards but come time for games, those easy three stars and 100% damage per attack rack up clan game points in a hurry

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluesz View Post
    Guys, please read my post carefully, no one can just stand and do nothing in the battle to win the game. It has 2 conditions required to win.
    This wouldn’t really work either as eventually groups of people would make bases which are easy to 3 star in hopes of finding each other and chances are they’ll be around certain trophy ranges.
    Similar to having an exposed TH back in the day when this was still a thing.

    Personally I would like it if there were a tie breaker of some sort awarding the win to one of the 2. As getting a few ties when you do want to simply do the 3 loot attacks can be pretty frustrating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HonoraryGoblin View Post
    1) i don't care about bb except for gems and gearing up things in the mv


    2) i am under 3k trophies


    3) have an underdeveloped base with defenses upgraded enough to gear up their counterpart in the mv


    4) I maxed my witches and have my battle mech 10+


    5) i put my battle mech in the corner closest to the air bomb (barrels with balloons) or if base is in a corner, the opposite corner. I put it on tile right by the fringe since bombs can't be placed on the fringe anyway. i activate the ability immediately so the timer is ticking off and i get double power hits activating it after it reaches the base. it clears the bombs between witches and the base

    6) I spam drop witches a few seconds later in the very back corner of the fringe. the spawned bats reach the base before the battle mech and clear the outer trash and defenses

    7) watch the timer on the battle mech and tap it every time it lights up again

    low trophies and underdeveloped bases...

    100%-100% tie more often than not

    not everyone plays "gotta max everything" game

    just saying
    Thanks for clarifying, so ‘mindless witch spam’ is effective at low trophy levels against underdeveloped bases. If you upgrade your minions, you may find Mitch even more effective , it works for me around 4K trophies against pretty well maxed bh8.

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    +1 on shortest time taken as tiebreaker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    It would be a system too easy to game. Instead of putting in maximum effort, players would end up win trading ties or doing the bare minimum to just get the tie rewards.
    Maybe add a special bonus for a 3 star?

    When I was in a low BH there were many 100% 3 stars(full Boxer Giants army I think) so it took a lot of time to finish the daily loot wins. Adding a bonus for 3 star will help in this case and motivate more to 3 star.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AxsMan View Post
    Thanks for clarifying, so ‘mindless witch spam’ is effective at low trophy levels against underdeveloped bases. If you upgrade your minions, you may find Mitch even more effective , it works for me around 4K trophies against pretty well maxed bh8.
    but I don't care about winning bb battles. i care about getting clan game points on bb star and damage challenges

    in this regard it's effective for what I use bb for. easy gold pass and clan games points

    op's proposal would give me last couple hundred cups i need to get an extra 1000 gems. that's about it for me. but going way back to where darian said it would be easy to game the system, i'm giving actual proof it would be easy to game the system

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    Quote Originally Posted by Call me H View Post
    same as saying a drawn war should give both clans a win... just wouldnt be sensible and would be open to exploitation within a minute of it being like that!
    War is different, thats 24 hours you have where you can join the enemy clan and come to an agreement.

    But I don't see how that would be possible in vs mode when you are randomly matched against someone else and dont have the time to signal to the other player to purposely tie the battle.

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    Have you ever read that line in the loading screen that says "building a strong defense is just as important as aggressive attacking" (or something similar)?

    Well that applies well in this discussion.. Not only would it encourage players to tie on purpose but giving loot for ties isn't right in the first place.
    Sure, your attack was great and you got the 3 star but your defense did terrible. You don't deserve the reward. Work on the defense too.

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    Can this go to the subforum for this stuff, you are in the wrong place

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