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Thread: Maxed my battle machine finally

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    Quote Originally Posted by Piper139 View Post
    Why the hurry? We've been sitting on max bases for a good while twiddling our thumbs. 6 months for me. I know longer for others. I'll book the bh upgrade and maybe lab. Burn a couple runes. We don't get an extra camp so no huge offense difference. Lava thingy looks coolish but looks like meta may swing back to air. Just not seeing a quick boost like some bh levels.
    I want OTTO is why. If it weren’t for that, I would relegate it to middle of the upgrade order. I’d upgrade my Roaster, then MM, then LavaLauncher, THEN MegaTesla too. CCs would fall to third or fourth after Beta Minions, Drop Ships, and probably Baby Dragons.

    But...OTTO, man...OTTO....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctaire View Post
    I bought the resource pack during the anniversary event, have a Rune in storage, another in this monthís Gold Pass, a Hammer, enough medals to buy a second Hammer if needed, and about a dozen Books of Heroes. By rights, we will also get some resources in the level-up bonus pack for BH9.
    Thatís good you prepared by buying those packs. I bought them too but I spent the resources obviously as I wasnít maxed yet. Iíll be buying the BH9 upgrade pack. ( and I really hope thereís some packs on with hero books when the update drops as I only have 6 and I want to max my heroes without having them down ).

    I used a rune of builder elixir to upgrade my gem mine today. Was going to save it for the update but decided against it. Iím saving a rune of builder gold and a book of building for the update though
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    Congrats matty cheers. I've already maxed my BM for couple months now

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    I took a break from Clash for about a year but just maxxed my Battle Machine recently; wasted a few hero books on it but wanted to make up for lost time my main base is max th12 but still have a long way to go on Builder before OTTO - tbh I love long term goals like that though. I am also trying to complete all the achievements!

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    I've had everything on BH8 maxed since October 2018 .. and the Battle Machine maxed far longer than that, because I was maxing walls for a couple of months.

    The only thing I did was;

    - rushed to BH6, 7, 8 on the day they were released.
    - 3 wins a day, no exceptions.
    - restart Clock Tower boost 3 times a day.
    - empty collectors several times a day.
    - all wall rings gained as rewards used on Builder Base.
    - Several Book of Heroes used on Battle Machine (at least 5 of them)

    The Maxed Battle Machine only got one extra hit in before he died, before the adjustment to the Giant Cannon, but that extra hit has won me plenty of battles.

    Edit: I can raid just fine on Main, without ALL of my heroes .. Attacking without the BM is a pain in the neck and as such, I do NOT consider a Book of Heroes as "wasted", when used on the Battle Machine. In fact, it's a Book usage that brings me as much joy as using a Book of Builder on Barracks, Siege Workshop or Factories. (stuff that makes attacking annoying, because of reduced armies)

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