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Thread: Town building task problem

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    Town building task problem

    One of our hoodies has a Derby task to feed 10 customers in the Cinema. She fed picked some up, fed them and went back to the farm screen.
    When she went back to town the customers had disappeared and her train was still in maintenance.

    She collected some more, fed them but the same thing happened again.
    Anyone had this happen to them and if so how did you deal with it?
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    sadly, i have had that exact issue for over 6 months now and nothing has been done about it. i know it has affected many others too. and like many of the other ongoing glitches in the game, i dont think team hayday knows how to fix it.

    here are a couple links where i have already posted and complained about this townie glitch:

    on numerous occasions, i have served townies for a task, left the game, and come back awhile later only to find that my townies have disappeared and i have to start all over again. not to mention that there are then none of those townies to pick up because id already picked them up and they got lost. so i had to ask my hoodies to send away townies again. it has made derby tasks so frustrating for me so many times that i now derby alot less. supercells loss.
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