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Thread: A new tool in the world of Clash of Clans

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    A new tool in the world of Clash of Clans


    ClashSpot is a new website that allow you to track clans, players and wars datas.

    • Clans datas
      • Basic features : name, description, location, points, clan perks, ...
      • Clan members.
      • War log.

    • Players datas
      • Basic features : name, level, trophies, ...
      • Progression of researches and heroes.
      • Wars participations.

    • War datas
      • Online interface to follow the war progression (CW and CWL).
      • Keeps an archive of war datas (members, attacks, ...).

    Any come back are welcome (example : bad English ^^)).

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    I clicked my way through it once. Really well structured, very clearly arranged.

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    Hello everybody,

    Many updates have applied to ClashSpot from my first post.
    - Bugs fix and optimizations.
    - Responsive Design to allow access to ClashSpot from small screens (ex : smartphone)
    - A page to display the detail of seasons of CWL.

    Screenshots for season info :

    Contact me if you have any request or to report bug.

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    Nice Website, I Liked The Player Attacks/Defense Info + the CWL Info

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    Will definitely look into it. Thanks for all your efforts. Always appreciate the time put into developing such tools.

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    Looks cool. Searched for my clan and the page just lags and lags.

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    Hello, thank you for yours messages.

    I'm continually work to improve the performance of the site using cache and more tool.
    For example, updating CWL data can take some minutes, the clan page is displayed before this update and the data are synced asynchronously. I'm attempt to apply this process to all task that take some time.

    Can you tell me what is your clan tag ?

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    Really cool! If you want some help I could probably tag along, especially for front-end if you want to keep your backend a secret.

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    I'm come back to announce some new features :

    Forum signature for clans
    Example :

    Forum signature for players
    Example :

    Advanced clan search
    You can now use filters to find clans (trophies, level, members count, ...).

    And again, many bugs fixed.

    Message to SuperCell
    For future feature, I wish to identify a player by here game token, but no documentation on this part of API. Please SuperCell, tell me (and why not to others dev) how to use the token to link an user of my web site to a in game player.
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