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Thread: A new tool in the world of Clash of Clans

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    A new tool in the world of Clash of Clans


    ClashSpot is a new website that allow you to track clans, players and wars datas.

    • Clans datas
      • Basic features : name, description, location, points, clan perks, ...
      • Clan members.
      • War log.

    • Players datas
      • Basic features : name, level, trophies, ...
      • Progression of researches and heroes.
      • Wars participations.

    • War datas
      • Online interface to follow the war progression (CW and CWL).
      • Keeps an archive of war datas (members, attacks, ...).

    Any come back are welcome (example : bad English ^^)).

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    I clicked my way through it once. Really well structured, very clearly arranged.

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    Hello everybody,

    Many updates have applied to ClashSpot from my first post.
    - Bugs fix and optimizations.
    - Responsive Design to allow access to ClashSpot from small screens (ex : smartphone)
    - A page to display the detail of seasons of CWL.

    Screenshots for season info :

    Contact me if you have any request or to report bug.

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